Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Our Woodland Fairies are Named! (Contest Winner Announcement)

It's a big day! Our lovely springtime guests no longer have to wing it without names. Thanks to you, our Woodland Fairies are celebrating the fact that they all officially have names! And fantastic names, at that! We've just loved reading your entries in response to our Name the Fairies contest. There were so many creative and unique ideas. We wish we could give the fairies four or five names each to include all of your awesome ideas.

After much thought, our fairies have been given the following fabulous names:

Congratulations to our 15 finalists, listed below:
1. Fleur, named by Brooke B.
2. Luna Stargazer, named by Rachel M. and her daughter
3. Oleta (meaning "winged one"), named by Avril, McKel, and Alicia
4. Lilybelle, named by Lezlie
5. Treela, named by Amalia
6. Coco, named by Kathleen W. 
7. Freckleberry, named by Sayuri
8. Rosebud, named by Maygen
9. Rain Blossom, named by Kortnie and Emmalee
10. Dragonfly, named by Easton
11. Honeysuckle, named by Margo
12. Kira, named by Emily W. 
13. Nester, named by Maile C. 
14. Azalia, named by Jyri
15. Laila (meaning "angel appointed to guard spirits at birth"), named by Leila

Each of our 15 finalists were entered into our Grand Prize Fairy Giveaway. But here's a sweet twist! Thanks to our generous friends at the Chocolate Covered Wagon, every finalists walks away a winner. 

The Gardner Village location of The Chocolate Covered Wagon has a list with our 15 finalists' names and pictures. If you're one of those 15, simply stop in between now and the end of May 2016, give them your name, and you'll receive a free fairy chocolate pop of your choice. Congratulations! 

Photo Shout Out
We've had as much fun reviewing your great photos as we have going over your name suggestions. Thanks for visiting and taking time to share pics of your cute faces with our fairy friends. Here's a sampling of some of the happy snapshots we've received as part of our contest. 

And the Winner Is... 
Now, what you've been waiting for. It's time to announce our grand prize winner. The following name was selected from our list of 15 finalists... 

Rachel came up with such a clever name for our sleepy little love. Now we understand why she has a little extra twinkle in her eye that we rarely see (since she's so often napping during the day); she's up all night, star gazing. 

Rachel, you will receive an email with information on claiming your grand prize, outlined below, which you'll need to claim before the end of May, 2016: 

* A VIP Farm Package for Two Children (and parent): Includes a long pony ride, petting zoo admission, and bags of animal feed for both two children.
* Fairy wings, wand, and halo from Spoiled Rotten
* Two Fairy House Tours at Georgell Doll Shop
* Two Fairy Garden Kits from Aunt Elsie's
* Two fairy bracelet make-and-takes at The Bead Farm

Meet Your New Friends & Make a Wish
Now that you know the names of our friendly fairies, it's time you pay them a visit. You have until the end of May to introduce yourself to them before they head north for the summer. With free displays set up throughout Gardner Village, this is an absolutely enchanting way to spend a day! And make sure you add your wish to our Wishing Bridge so they can be gathered up by our bitty guests before they depart. 

The Farm
This time of year, we couldn't go without first giving you another look at The Farm. So many adorable animals have joined our family. There isn't a cuter time of year to visit with your young ones  and meet ours. 

A baby llama kissing a baby lamb?!? You can't make this cuteness up! 

Happy spring!
Megan Hoeppner