Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Gardner Village Shop Spotlight: Georgell Doll Shop (and a special look at their fairy house displays)

Possibly the cutest store at Gardner Village, Georgell Doll Shop definitely speaks to the young and young-at-heart! With unique items for girls and boys, it's an absolutely delightful place to stop and shop.

In the times I've been in to visit, I've heard customers gushing over the quality of the doll clothes offered for the popular 18" dolls. There really are so many options for these beloved dolls.

There are even fairy fashions for your dolls. Fancy!

I've also heard customers go on and on about the variety offered. With hard-to-find pieces including an expansive assortment of Calico Critters, awesome vintage-inspired toys, antique dolls, Madame Alexanders, and more, I can see why this is something that stands out to guests.

Fairy House Tour
But this time of year, it's the Fairy House Display that steals the show at Georgell! Just behind this curtain sits a whimsical fairy land.

For just $3, you and your children can tour this area of the store during April and May, and spend time taking in each magical moment.

There is so much to see, and each woodland fairy dwelling comes complete with its own story that you and yours can read together as you get to know more about this enchanted world.

There is so much to take in as you tour this fanciful forest. The bitty, handmade touches and details are incredible!

Many forest friends share this space with the fairies. 

Those fairies sure know how to ride in style. 

I didn't realize fairies chewed bubblegum. No wonder I like them so much. 

The little hand mirror! So cute!

Fairies love their jam sessions. 

So many sweet touches make up each display.

Don't forget to look up when touring the Georgell Fairy Houses. There's magic from floor to ceiling.

A Family Affair
Look on the wall behind the cash register, and you'll see a heartfelt tribute to Lucile Georgell, the grandmother of store owner, Holly. The display includes a picture of Lucile when she was young and contains the tiny doll she used to carry in her pocket as a child. Isn't that cool? She also made the little clothing shown in this display. It's clear to see why dolls remain such an important piece of this family's legacy. <3 

Spark Your Imagination
This is most definitely a shop where pretending begins. Make a trip today and watch your child's eyes light up in the wonderment of it all. 

Megan Hoeppner

P.S. Don't forget to join us in our Name the Fairies campaign. With your help, each of our lovely Woodland Fairies will finally have their official names, and you'll have a chance to be involved in Gardner Village history. Oh... yeah... and be entered into our Grand Prize Fairy Giveaway! Find complete details here.