Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Gardner Village Shop Spotlight: Down to Earth

Down to Earth--the manager of this Gardner Village shop refers to it as the hidden gem of The Village. She says this because people often don't realize it's in the back of The Village, next to The Gathering Place. Just look for the beautiful red barn. Have you been in for a visit?

This is one shop you don't want to miss out on. Whether you're looking to invest in new furniture pieces for your home or simply want to dress it up with new accessories, Down to Earth has something to love. And something for every budget. 

Let's take a closer look at just a few of the many beautiful items available at Down to Earth today. 

Chairs, Chairs, Chairs
You may want to sit down for this one. Down to Earth is offering 30% off the list price on their awesome assortment of chairs (excludes dining). Such a fashion-forward piece will add an instant update to your space, and the prices on these beauties are definitely right!

Spring Trends
Your friends at Down to Earth have their eyes on a few sophisticated trends this season, including:

1. Navy
This blue hue is still going strong.

2. Pinks and Corals
Another awesome spring palette!

3. Pillows
New spring throw pillows offer an instant facelift at an affordable price, and Down to Earth has a striking assortment in bloom. 

4. Metallics
The time to shine is now!

Hot Sellers
I asked the team at Down to Earth what the big sellers are right now. Here are just a few of their insider tips:

Contemporary Art 
Add a vibrant splash of color to your walls this spring. There are many pretty pieces to choose from. 

Did you know you can custom order upholstery at Down to Earth? There's a full area of the store devoted to this chart-topping topper. So you can make any of their new headboards, sofas, chairs, and ottomans all you!

Sink your teeth into this spring blooms.

Zinc-topped Table
There are many unique table/chair combos available, but this chic piece seems to be stealing the show right now. Wouldn't an Easter or Mother's Day table look gorgeous set atop this beauty?

Meet the Managers
Walk into Down to Earth and you'll feel its warmth. That starts with it's management team. Holli is the store's manager and designer, and Michael is at her side as the store's assistant manager and designer.

Both Holli and Michael travel to furniture and home decor markets around the country multiple times a year to ensure the latest and greatest are hitting their store's floor. Holli keeps her eye on the furniture, while Michael is all about the accessories.

When I sat down with them to discuss the store, they were all smiles. As were their staff members and fellow designers. In fact, when I asked them what it was they liked about work at Down to Earth, one of the designers said it's the culture in their store. "We love working together and all get along so well!" With a management team like Holli and Michael, this doesn't surprise me at all! No wonder it's such a happy place to shop. 

One thing I've noticed as both a customer and while at the shop interviewing Holli and Michael, is they take a true interest in their customers. Holli always greets me by name with a beautiful smile on her face. I thought perhaps I was just the lucky one, but nope! While I was there preparing for this post, I witnessed her doing the same to several guests. She then went so far as to introduce me to some of their "regulars." You know you're in a locally-owned shop when this type of warm service is so graciously given. 

Fun Facts About Down to Earth

* The Down to Earth Design Team designed the new Fresh Living TV set for KUTV Channel 2. (Read more about that transformation here.) 

* The big red barn that houses Down to Earth was originally built as a storage facility for The Village, and Down to Earth was originally located where Chocolate Covered Wagon is today. But they quickly outgrew that space and now fill every inch of their two-story showroom in the barn. 

* Down to Earth offers personalized design services. I won't go into great detail in this post, but you will want to keep your eye on our blog in April for more on that incredible service.

* Wishing my home was a slice of Down to Earth, I actually filmed a promo video for a class in their store (giving off the impression it was my home--LOL). The store really is THAT beautiful! And the staff THAT kind to let us come in and film.

* You don't have to go to a big box furniture store to get the latest and greatest in furniture and home decor finds. Down to Earth is a locally-owned business that brings you local style and sophistication. Rather than follow trends, the store prides itself on setting trends, and being the first in the state to bring those looks to you--all in an approachable, affordable fashion. 

* You can bring a pic of your space into the store and the friendly staff will actually take a peek and offer suggestions right on the spot. Heck, you don't even need a photo (though helpful). I simply described the struggle I have with my '90s home and the way its floorpan is, and they sketched an awesome solution in an instant. Of course, their aforementioned Design Services are the true way to go, but this is a nice bite-sized option as well. 

* The store carries less expected treats as well. You'll find rugs, Edison lightbulbs, light fixtures, and other treats you might not traditionally expect fro a furniture shop.

* There are room vignettes set up throughout the store, offering awesome ideas for how to both position furniture and accessorize. It's a great place to come for inspiration if you're feeling stuck! 

Even ideas for making a beautiful bed!

If you haven't had a chance to visit Down to Earth, I HIGHLY recommend you do. I probably shouldn't admit this "on the record," but it's one of my favorite Village shops. I find something new each time I visit. They get new delights twice a week, so it's easy to see why. Come check out the hot zinc-topped table or sit on this luxurious new sofa (oh, how I want it in my home!). 

Hope to see you there, kicking your feet up sometime soon!

Megan Hoeppner