Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Now Enrolling: Cookie College at Naborhood Bakery

Think you're the campus king [rolling] pin? Know your dough? Are one sharp cookie? Put your skills to the test at the Naborhood Bakery Cookie College. Class is now in session for kiddos (4-12 [younger welcome with help from parents]) and it's time for you to hit the [cook] books! 

Okay, so maybe I've exaggerated some. Maybe I, the one who is writing these very words, couldn't find my way around a kitchen if you paid me. Baking and cooking simply aren't my thing. But, guess what! I am now a Cookie College alum! Well, technically my daughter is, but I had the pleasure of learning alongside her. So even if your student's cookie experience ends at eating, they're sure to enjoy this class act. And its sweet rewards! 

It's designed with the younger classmates in mind, but parents are certainly encouraged to attend and help their young scholars. Parents are free with a paid child. What's included in the $15 (+tax) tuition? Let's check out the syllabus!

Course 1: Naborhood Bakery 101
To give your young scholars the full bakery experience, school starts with a campus tour.

This includes a peek inside what looks like the world's largest mixer.

A walk in the walk-ins...fridge and freezer. Brrr! Followed by a warm-up look at the oven. And even a few machine demonstrations, including the automatic bread slicer and dough roller. 

Course 2: Know Your Dough
With Shop Class covered, it's now time for some serious focus (and a little elbow grease!).

Students take their seats at the prepared tables, which are covered with tablecloths, cookie cutters and rolling pins. Instructors hand out all course materials, including frosting, toppings, and, of course, dough!

Once class supplies are in hand, it's time to roll out the dough. The younger students may need a hand (or two) with this one.

Course 3: Cut it Out
Once dough is ready to go, it's time for a class on cutting. Make the most of that dough space, kiddos. 

Push the cookie cutter straight down and lift it straight back up. 

Course 4: Bake & Break
Time to put those cut cookies in the oven.

While the goodies bake, it's time for a dinner break. Included with the class admission is your child's choice of any meal off the kids' menu. 

You may want to refuel while you're at it. If you read my last post, you know I'm a fan of the Margherita pizza. Doesn't this look delicious? Trust me, it is. Of course, I haven't had an item off their menu that I haven't liked, so you're safe no matter the choice you make.

Course 5: Fun with Frosting
The cookies have baked and cooled. Time to show those school colors! 

Course 6: Design Time
And, at last, time to put those sprinkles on top! 

Cookie Commencement 
Congratulations! You've earned your Baker's of Fine Arts degree! All of that hard work pays off with a box (or two!) of cookies to take home. 

Cookie Winner
Speaking of taking cookies home, it's time to announce the name of our lucky winner of a dozen free cookies. Thanks to all who entered! Congratulations to Sandy Wilson. Please email for details on claiming your prize. 

Now Enrolling
Cookie College space is limited. To reserve your spot, call Naborhood Bakery today (801.566.8808). And check out our website for more details on this Friday night fun (4:00-6:00 PM), going on now through the end of March.

Megan Hoeppner

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Year, New Look: Naborhood Bakery (and a cookie giveaway!)

Let’s be honest. I could show you the most gorgeous pictures imaginable of the newly-remodeled Naborhood Bakery at Gardner Village, but we all know they wouldn’t be the primary reason you’d visit. It’s this! The freshly-baked brilliance that makes resisting a trip to the bakery impossible.

The staff at Naborhood Bakery is up well before the sun daily, baking bread and desserts for their day's guests.

And you can get in on the action with their popular Frozen Dough Rolls. Learn more about them here

Win Cookies
Yes, cookies! In celebration of the bakery’s fresh look, they’re giving away a dozen fresh-made cookies. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post or email between now and Monday, Jan. 25. We’ll announce our cookie king or queen in next Wednesday’s post. 

**Note: To qualify, you must be 18 years or older and able to come to Gardner Village to claim your prize. Thanks!

The New ‘Do
Now, let’s get to that makeover unveiling, shall we? Like the Archibald’s Restaurant and CF Home updates we’ve enjoyed this month, the bakery’s new look is light, open and inviting. 

And also true to form, the lights are something special in this space. 

From ceiling to floor, the flooring is a light wood.

Now, focus your eyes on the center of the spectacular space and you’ll notice striking details, many of which come from and can be purchased at Gardner Village shops. 

Remember this ampersand from our Holiday Shopping Guide post? Looks pretty awesome in this space, don’t you think?

Isn’t the tile wall bright and beautiful? Add to that the pretty plate display from CF Home, and you have a dining space that offers the comfort and beauty of home. 

I think the first thing I noticed when I visited were these interesting tables. Aren’t they unique and cool? I’ve enjoyed many meals on them already and can assure you they’re as comfortable as they are eye catching.

It’s impossible to narrow in on a single remodel favorite. I love the entire look so much. But I can share my favorite item off of their new Naborhood Bakery menu. It’s the Margherita Pizza. Oh. My. Word. It is good! Truth be told, everything on the menu is fresh and delicious. There’s no way you’ll go wrong in your order. But that pizza… Oh, that pizza…. 

You’ll have to excuse me. My stomach is rumbling and that pizza is calling my name. I hope to see you back here next week, when we announce our cookie winner and take an inside look at the popular Cookie College going on now through the end of February at the bakery. It’s one form of higher education that won’t leave you in debt and even the youngest of scholars can attend. Oh, and did I mention it includes freshly-baked cookies?! Yeah, ‘nuff said. lol 

Megan Hoeppner