Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Celebrate Tradition (And a $25 gift certificate giveaway!)

The holidays and traditions go together like Santa’s cookies and a tall glass of cold milk on Christmas Eve. And whether your tradition is hitting the slopes on opening day to kick off this festive season…

…or taking to the ice for a spirited game of hockey…

Celebrations by Modern Display at Gardner Village has the ornament for you! 

Walking in this shop is like taking the Polar Express straight to the North Pole and visiting Santa himself. There are Christmas villages set up, lights of all varieties, and, of course, ornaments galore! 

Let's discuss how ornaments can become a special part of your holiday traditions.

Tradition #1: Find the Pickle
This game of hide-and-seek is one your children will adore. Place a pickle ornament on the tree and the first child to find it gets a surprise. Sweet… errr, make that tart! 

Tradition #2: Pick Your Pleasure
The awesome staff at Celebrations loves seeing the same families year after year and playing a small part in their holiday memories. You see, these families have the tradition of allowing each member to pick out a new ornament each year—an outing everyone looks forward to! 

Tradition #3: Thanksgiving Table Treat
This tradition comes straight from my Thanksgiving table. To kick off the holiday season each year, I wrap up an ornament for every dinner guest and place it at their place setting. Before we dig into our delicious meal, we take a minute to open these ornaments and think about the season of giving that's upon us. 

Thanks to Celebrations, finding the perfect ornament for each of my family members has never been easier. Here are just a few of the MANY choices you'll find. 







We welcomed our second baby in September, so you bet I had to buy this precious little number.

Yes, with more than 1,000 different ornaments to choose from, there really is something for everybody at Celebrations by Modern Display. And with ornaments ranging in price from $6-$25, it's easy AND affordable to find that perfect piece. This Salt Lake area Christmas and holiday store also celebrates year round with something for every occasion. 

Win a $25 Gift Certificate
Let Celebrations help you deck your halls this Christmas. They're giving away a $25 gift certificate to one lucky blog reader. 

To enter, simply comment on this post or email between now and Monday, Nov. 23 ("Traditions" in your subject line). Tell us your favorite holiday tradition. From the comments received, we'll randomly select our winner and announce their name on next Wednesday's post. Good luck!

And the Winner Is
Speaking of winners, we're here to roll out the red carpet for our Naborhood Bakery frozen-dough roll winner

"I've never tried these rolls, I bet they taste amazing! Just like everything else in the store!" -Courtney

Email with "blog winner" in your subject line to claim your delicious prize. Thanks to all who entered!

Moonlight Madness
Everyone's a winner this weekend! It's Moonlight Madness, our biggest sale of the season! 

Seems like the perfect time to do a little ornament shopping to me. Hope to see you there! :)

Megan Hoeppner


  1. That's my wife that won the last drawing! yee-haw!!! we love the Naborhood bakery. Our yellow lab is especially fond of that place (they make dog treats)

  2. Watching every Christmas movie/show that I can! My favorite is"It's a Wonderful Life"!!

  3. Our favorite tradition is to make hot cocoa in to go cups, then we all pile into the car and drive around town to see all the beautiful Christmas lights.

  4. One of our favorite family traditions is picking out a new nutcracker to go with our growing collection each year, we love bringing them all out when we start decorating the house Thanksgiving evening.

  5. My favorite tradition is putting up Christmas lights thanksgiving morning! Something I have always done with my dad. Now that I'm an adult with kiddos of my own he still leaves the garland on the posts for me to fluff bc he knows I love helping.

  6. Our favorite Christmas tradition is our Bethlehem Feast on Christmas Eve. We read the story of Christ's birth from Luke 2 and a special dinner. It's a lot of prep work, it so worth it!

  7. My favorite memory is trying to beat my sibling to find the pickle in the tree! Now that we are older, we know that our parents try their best to hide it. Sometimes, we see it at the same time as a other sibling and it's a race! We have really good memories of looking for it ... And it's usually a fun gift!

  8. How to pick just one?! I love love love opening pajamas Christmas Eve night and racing to see who can get them on first.

  9. My favorite family tradition during the Christmas season is making potato donuts dipped in sugar. We all chip in and make them and get to enjoy them after. It's a fun family activity we look forward to all year. The recipe has been passed down 4 generations and we love to carry on the tradition!

  10. My favorite family holiday tradition is decorating our tree. We don't do a fancy tree. Each ornament tells a specific story of a time in our lives. It is fun to relive those moments each year.


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