Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Witchy Wins-day: Guess the Ingredients (and a Six Hags giveaway!)

When it comes to adding a little hocus to their pocus, the witches at Gardner Village have quite the menu of ingredients. We're not talking flour and eggs here. We're talking creepy, crazy, cooky stuff. All mixed together to create the best of bruja brews. 

Your Challenge
Name one ingredient you'll find in an infamous Gardner Village Witch Mix. Remember, these ladies get pretty crazy, which means no guess will be too far off. And you don't have to guess correctly to win on this one. We'll choose our winner at random. 

Witches BBQ, too. Wonder what's under that grill of hers. Hmmm... 

To Enter Leave your guess as a comment on this post or send an email with your guess to with Bruja Brew in the subject line to be entered. Guesses must be received by Monday, October 26 in order to be entered. And our winner of four Six Hags tickets will be announced on Wednesday, October 28. (You can use your tickets through Halloween.)
Note: No anonymous comments will be entered, as we're unable to determine a winner. Please either leave your name with your comment, send an email, or log in to a Blogger account to be qualified. Thank you! 

Just what is this witch whipping up in that pot?

And the Winner Is…
Thanks to all who guessed in our Count the Corns contest. So many of you came very close. But the closest guess goes to Chrissy Robo, who guessed 869. The actual amount of candy corns in this jar (and Brazzilla's nose--eep!) is 876. Wow! Nice guessing, Chrissy!

Please email with "blog winner" in the subject line for details on claiming your prize. Note: You have through Halloween 2015 to use your tickets. Thanks!

Something Witchy This Way Comes
There's still time to get in the Halloween spirit with a witchy walk through Gardner Village. Here are our remaining activities for the season: 

* Witch Displays and Scavenger Hunt: Now through Halloween (download the form here)
* Breakfast with a Witch: Thursday, Oct. 29 (purchase tickets here)
A little witch getting autographs at breakfast. Fun! 

* Witchapalooza Music Dinner Theater: Friday, Oct. 30 and Saturday, Oct. 31 (purchase tickets here
* Six Hags Witches Adventure: Now through Halloween 
Six Hags has so many fun ways to play. My little spider LOVED it!
* Witches Night Out: Oct. 23 and 24 from 6PM to 10PM
Many bargains to be found at Witches Night Out, including awesome Halloween treats for your home at Down to Earth! 

Yes, we're definitely brewing up some fun for you! [insert your best witch-y cackle here] 

Megan Hoeppner


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  2. Warewolf toes, snake's breath, and spider's wart.

  3. Warewolf toes, snake's breath, and spider's wart.

  4. Fifteen of only THE FATTEST Banana Slugs from Wet Washington State!

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  7. Tiger's Blood
    Dezi A

  8. spider legs, bat wings, goblin toenails, moon dust.


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