Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fashion Advice from Your Friends at Shopaholics & ENTER TO WIN!

Accessorizing isn’t always an easy task. Does this necklace go with this top? Do these colors work together? Is this style of handbag yesterday’s news? It’s impossible to keep up with all of the do's and don’ts. Never fear, your friends at Shopaholics at Gardner Village are here to help. And while we're at it they're going to GIVEAWAY a purse and a scarf to one lucky reader. So stay tuned and read on. 

Extremely knowledgable, the staff at this women's clothing shop stays on top of all of the fashion trends from season to season and are more than happy to share their wisdom with you. Here are just a few of the latest tips they have to offer.

Q. Purses: What’s in?

A. The two extremes—either large or tiny. The in-between sizes are currently on the back burner. 

When they say small purses are in, they mean wallets on chains. Now THAT's small. And chic! 

Are you unable to travel lightly? Well, you're in luck. Big is, well... big! 

Q. What about belts?

A. Tiny belts, worn around the waist are hip. 

No need for belt loops. Instead, this is the business on the belt—tied! 

And layering more than one bitty belt is boss! (That’s right, boss!) ;) 

Q. What style is in?

A. One of the popular styles right now is Bohemian. 

Shopaholics has a difficult time keeping this section of their store stocked. 

A. Layering is also in, with lots of lace. Lovely! 

Q. What about accessories?

A. Go big or go home? It’s all about the statement jewelry. 

Little pendants like this are taking some time off. 

A. The same is also true for sunglasses. This season's fashions would make Jackie O. proud. 

Q. What about scarves? Are they just for cooler weather?

A. Nope. Scarves can be worn year round. They make an excellent layering option. And Shopaholics has many choices to choose from. 

Q. How do I select accessories to go with my ensembles?

A. If you’re wearing a top with lots of color, let those colors guide your accessory choices, and keep those accessories relatively monochromatic to balance the busyness of the top. 

And, the reverse is also true. If your top is solid, it’s okay to go with more color and pizzazz in your accessories. 

Q. And now, a question for YOU. Did you know that Utah often leads the way in national fashion trend-setting? Two prime examples of popular fashions that begin right here are boot socks and skirt extenders. Who says you have to go to the coastal cities to find the latest in cool?

Q. Feeling inspired and ready to update your wardrobe? Whether you want to add a few new layering pieces for fall or still want to embrace the summer sun, there are plenty of styles waiting for you at Shopaholics. See you soon! 

ENTER TO WIN! Shopaholics is offering a a FREE purse and scarf to one lucky blog reader. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post, or tag a friend on social media in our Shopaholics post, between now and Monday, August 17th. The winner will be announced on our Wednesday, August 19th post. Good luck!  Note: Must be 18+ years to enter. 

Megan Hoeppner

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  1. I'm loving the idea of go big or go home on purses right now! I absolutely need a new bigger purse right now! 😁


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