Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Shop on the Block at Gardner Village - Win a Gift Certificate!

Just beyond this cute pink door sits the newest shop to join the Gardner Village family. We're thrilled to welcome Natural Joy!

As the shop name suggests, this store is all about finding joy in the natural—natural beauty and body care products, that is. With an inventory including everything from makeup to feminine hygiene items, you're sure to find just what you're looking for when it comes to going au natural.

Joy-ful Products
Here are just a few of the goodies you'll find on your next visit to Natural Joy:

One of their most popular items is natural deodorant, and there are several options to choose from.

With names like Pit Putty, it's easy to see why people appreciate this healthy approach to odor control. LOL

 If natural cosmetics are what you seek, you've come to the right place.

 Natural lip balms--not only do they make great in-the-handbag items, they're also excellent gifts!

Once you have your cosmetics selected, check out the organic brushes offered. They're fluffy, soft, and easy on the skin.

Don't forget to grab a make-up bag to hold your fancy new brushes and cosmetics. These are the cutest!

When it comes time to wash up, there is a vast soap selection to choose from.

Odorless nail polish? Awesome! And the water base is a nice thing, too. No more nasty chemicals.

Speaking of odor, now you can spread the good aromas of your essential oils with these sweet diffusers. Seems like another great gift option, BTW. In fact, why not visit, select an assortment of delights (this is only the beginning of what is offered in store) and create a healthful gift basket for someone in your life? Show them you really care about them and their well being.

They even have feminine hygiene products on hand. Though you may want to opt out of including this in that gift basket. . . or not. Totally your call. :)

Joy in Numbers
Whether you come alone or with friends, there's a special area of the shop set up for make-up testing, consultations, and general, friendly, knowledgable help.

These girls were having a ball when I happened upon them. And they were even getting a few free samples to take home and enjoy. How fun!

You can even bring your youngest companions, as there's a fun little play area set up in the store. After observing this young patron, I can tell you the area is one that your kiddos will love.

The Story Behind the Joy
Natural Joy's owner, Joy Wicks, has invested years into uncovering the good, the bad and the ugly behind beauty and skin care and natural hygiene. It all started with her own desire to have natural products in her stash and being unable to find anything locally. After much research, she started shifting through all of the options out there until she found the truly natural items that she felt were safe to use.

As her interests grew, so did her passion for sharing her knowledge with others, and Natural Joy was born. It is her desire to provide products that haven't been tested on animals, meet her strict guideline of ingredients and remain affordable to consumers. She's found that magic trifecta and today has an award-winning store to show for it—a store we're thrilled to welcome it to The Village!

Please, join us in welcoming Joy and Natural Joy to our family of locally-owned shops at Gardner Village, both here on the blog (we know she'd love to hear from you) and in person the next time you're in.

Joy for You
Wanting to celebrate this grand opening in style, Natural Joy is offering a $30 gift certificate to one lucky blog reader. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post, or tag a friend on social media in our Natural Joy post, between now and Monday, August 3rd. The winner will be announced on our Wednesday, August 5th post. Good luck!
Note: Must be 18+ years to enter. 

As this sweet sign on display in Natural Joy states, you can never have too much happy, and you'll find plenty of that happy here.

Megan Hoeppner


  1. What an awesome store! Can't wait to come in and visit sometime!
    Dezi A

  2. Love it! I can't wait to visit!!!

  3. Natural Joy is a great store.

  4. This is an amazing store! Joy will bend over backwards to help you. She is very knowledgeable about natural cosmetics and skin care. So glad to have this store at Gardner's Village!

    1. Congrats Christiana! You win the Natural Joy gift card for your comment. Please email marketing@gardnervillage.com so we can let you know how to claim your prize.


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