Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dolly & Me Fairy Garden Tea at Georgell Doll Shop

Imagine an enchanted location. Set along a riverbed, lined with flowers, and filled with . . . fairies! Yes, you read that right, fairies! And not only are there fairies, but there's also "tea," special treats to enjoy, and gifts to be shared. Sound too good to be true? I agree, but it's real, and it exists on the back patio of the Georgell Doll Shop at Gardner Village!

The Dolly & Me Fairy Garden Tea
Yes, even the dolls are invited to this high tea, and it's one all will remember, whether you're with a large group of friends, celebrating a special occasion...

....or you're simply wanting to enjoy a little mom-and-me time with your sweet ones.

What to Expect
To start things off, you'll want to get dressed up in lovely tea attire. Don't worry if you haven't dressed the part ahead of time. Georgell's has you covered with an assortment of lovely aprons and hats you can wear while in attendance.

There are even hats for the dollies!

It's Tea Time
Once you've selected your stylish ensemble, you'll be invited to order off their divine menu, which includes an assortment of delicious little treats and sweets, including tiny cookies and cupcakes, decadent brownies, zesty lemon cheesecake, and more!

The staff is so warm and welcoming. They make the entire process as easy as can be, no matter the size of your party or ages of your guests.

Tiny utensils are provided, making the atmosphere all the more magical!

Raise Your Glass (or cup!)
And we mustn't forget the tea, which comes in the form of a variety of juice options you can select from, as well as a water option to help keep you cool on the warmest of days.

Enjoy your spot of tea using the tiny tea cups or fancy (plastic) stemware provided.

Time for Games
The fun doesn't stop at the tea and treats, my sweet. There is also a wonderful scavenger hunt game you can play, with options for both younger and older participants, depending on how much challenge you seek.

Search the impressive assortment of handmade fairy houses that line the patio until you find all of the hidden delights.

Fancy Party Favors
You don't have to win the scavenger hunt to walk away from this party a winner. To top all of this fun off, you'll receive a special little porcelain fairy doll, complete with her own tea cup and spoon, to take home.

When I handed these out to my young guests at our party, their faces lit up beyond belief!

The Tea Details
Here's the real magic behind this fanciful affair. You can do all of this for only $20 per guest. And there is ample opportunity to stop by for the fun, with parties running all summer long on Fridays and Saturdays from 11:00 am--4:00 pm. (Please call the store, or stop in, ahead of time to let them know you're coming.)

Let Your Friends at Georgell Make You Look Good
I had the pleasure of sharing tea with friends last weekend, and I have never received more compliments on a party. Both moms and daughters alike said it was the best they had ever attended. And I would have to agree with that, as the kind staff at Georgell's did all the work. Thanks for making me look like a rock star, ladies! And thanks for creating such magical memories that we won't forget!

Win a Tea Party for Four! 
The fairy magic must really be in the air, as this is your chance to win your own tea party for four at Georgell Doll Shop. Simply comment on this post (and next week's post for a second entry) between now and Monday, June 29 for your chance to win. A random entry will be selected and announced on our Wednesday, July 1 post. Good luck, my whimsical friends!

Something For Everybody
From wee ones...

to tween ones...

to G-mums (aka grandmas)...

there's something for all ages at this festive fairy party. So grab your favorite dolly or stuffed animal, call a friend or two, and come for an afternoon of fun!

I'll drink to that! Cheers!
Megan Hoeppner


  1. I would love to win this for my three year old fairy lover!!

  2. I would love to take my little pixie princesses to the enchanted land of the fairies. We would sip on sweet lemonade and peek into the charming homes of magical sprites!

  3. Oh my, the little ladies look like they're really having FUN! Way to bring some special enchantment to our village.

  4. I would absolutely love to take my two sweet little girls and mom to one of these wonderful tea parties for a special girls day out. The tea parties look magical and I know it would give us an experience that we would never forget!

  5. This would be amazing!!! My girls would just flip! Fingers crossed :)

  6. My daughter would love this. She saves all her money to buy something for her dolls every time we go here.

  7. My little girl would be in tears to win!

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  10. Oh my daughters would die to have this! We had a long week with mom being sick and need some fun to look forward to!

  11. My daughter's two favorite things in the world are tea parties and fairies! This would be magical!!

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  13. My girls would LOVE to win this!

    Amanda Olivas

  14. My two girls would love this! So fun!

  15. I seriously think this is the cutest party you could have for a little girl or even older ladies. The atmosphere is incredibly and the fairy houses to die for. Holly does such a great job!!!!

  16. Sounds magical! My daughter would love this!

  17. I know a couple little girls who would love to do this with their moms! :) Dezi A

  18. My daughter wants to do this for her birthday party!

  19. So adorable & fun! Any lil girl would love this!


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