Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Busy Bee Day Camp at Gardner Village: Part 2 of 2

Hello, and welcome back to our Busy Bee Day Camp recap! We hope you enjoyed part one of our adventure, which took us to The Bead Farm, the Naborhood Bakery, Georgell Doll Shop and LuLu’s Boutique. Our adventure now continues with stops 5-8. Ready? Let’s hop to it!

Stop #5: Aunt Elsie’s 

Keeping up with the whimsical fun had at Stop #3, fairy gardens and gnome homes are assembled at this special stop. 

First, the kids are invited to step inside this lovely store and pick out a butterfly, a fairy, or a gnome figurine to live in the succulent garden they'll create. There are many beautiful choices on display to choose from. 

From there, the kiddos step out onto the patio, where they receive small dishes that they bring to life with the addition of succulents, soil, rocks and more. In no time at all, their small fairy and gnome friends have a brand new garden oasis to call home!  

As a lovely personalized touch, staff members help the kids write either a statement (ex. Gnome Home) or their own name on a smooth rock, which adds a brilliant finishing touch for each enchanted forest.

Once the gardens are designed, it’s off to Stop #6, where some larger creatures can be found. 

Stop #6: The Farm

Yeehaw! Time for some hands-on fun with a variety of loving rescue animals. The good-hearted people of The Farm have taken in animals from all around the state, most of whom have been abused, and have given them a new lease on life. As an added treat, those animals are occasionally brought to Gardner Village to meet their adoring fans. (They rotate the animals out so they don’t get overwhelmed by all of the fun being had on location.)

Meeting these cuties is so neat. From holding baby bunnies and gathering chicken eggs...

...to petting young lambs and sitting atop a friendly donkey, there is much for the children to see and do at The Farm during camp. 

Giddy up! It’s time to move on to Spoiled Rotten, where faces will light up with the activity that awaits. 

Stop #7: Spoiled Rotten

With a complete book of choices, your child can have his or her face transformed into just about anything they can dream up at this face-painting stop. 

While children are waiting for their turn in the face-painting seat, they’re invited inside the store to cool off and enjoy story time, singing and dancing. It’s a great way to beat the heat and have some fun!

Once the cute, little faces are made up, it’s off to the sweetest stop on our camp tour. 

Stop #8: Chocolate Covered Wagon

Yum! Talk about ending on a sweet note! At this stop, kiddos learn about making salt water taffy and are even taught to pull their own. 

Weellll... you may find that there is more tasting than pulling, and that's okay. LOL

But the sticky fun doesn’t end at taffy. Campers are invited to take a dip. No, not in Lake Winnebego. Instead, in decadent dishes of melted chocolate. They’re given fruit, marshmallows, pretzels, cookies, and more, which they’re able to dip in the various chocolate options (milk, dark, and white). 

Oooohhh... and don’t forget the rainbow sprinkles! The chocolate, sprinkled creations the kids will come with are perfection! 

Whew! Talk about a busy day. Not wanting to send your children home overheated, the day concludes with tasty snow cones, also provided by Chocolate Covered Wagon. 

Your young ones will be all smiles after this sugary sweet camp stop. And your family will love the goodies they bring home to share. Mmmm... mmmm... good! 

Camp Buzz
Yes, this is a one-day camp your busy bees will not forget. There’s much to see, do and taste on this happy Gardner Village adventure. To sum things up, your campers will come home with a beaded piece (either a bracelet or a keychain); fairy wings, fairy dust, and a fairy-kiss wand; a pretty, painted birdhouse; a fairy/succulent garden or gnome home; a sweet, painted face; a bag full of special treats, including taffy and chocolate-dipped delights; memories of time spent with adorable rescue animals at The Farm; and a new tote bag and keychain keepsake.  Not to mention happy times with new friends and awesome experience they can elaborate on when asked the notorious question, 'What did you do on your summer break?' 

Busy Bee Business
As a friendly reminder, camp runs every Tuesday from through August 11. You have two time-slot options. You can either come from 10:30 to 2:30 or from 11:30 to 3:30. Either way, you’ll meet at The Bead Farm and they will guide you and your young camper through each of the happy stops from there. (For a look inside stops 1-4, check out this post.) Camp is $40/ camper. Parents aren't charged but are asked to stay with their campers throughout the experience. 

Thanks! We can’t wait to see you and your camper(s) buzzin' around The Village soon!

Megan Hoeppner


  1. What a great way to help your children have fun while being creative. There's always a new adventure waiting at Gardner Village.

  2. Looks like a blast! Is there a recommended age range? Also do you register before or just show up?

  3. Hi Lauren!
    You do have to pre-register at The Bead Farm, you can call 801-938-1995 or stop by the shop :) We have had all ages come and enjoy it, we have had as young as 2 year olds do it and have a blast and we had a couple preteen and a 13 year old the other day that loved it. (I have even had some moms say that they would enjoy spending a day being creative around the village... without littles also haha) I really don't think that there is an age restriction.

  4. Will you be holding these activities again this year?

  5. The Busy Bee Summer Camps were coordinated by the manager of The Bead Farm. They have decided to not offer the camps this year. However, you can still bring kids to do many of the things the camp offered. There's jewelry making at The Bead Farm, Fairy Tea Parties at Georgell Doll Shop and pony rides and the petting zoo at The Farm at Gardner Village. We hope you'll enjoy a visit to Gardner Village this summer.


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