Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Look Back: Gardner Village History (part 2 of 2)

Welcome back! Glad to see you’re still on this two-part adventure back in time. Together, we’ve seen how an old grist mill was transformed into the hub of what is now Gardner Village, a quaint shopping and dining destination. Now, let’s take a look at how the rest of The Village came to be. Our time machine is set. Let’s go!

The Village Assembles  
Wanting to expand the area surrounding the mill, Nancy Long, the mill’s owner, placed this simple ad in the newspaper, asking for building donations from the surrounding Utah community.  

The response was great, and Nancy, her family, and their hard-working employees set to work relocating the buildings to The Village property.

Recognize this home?

 Yep, it’s now Posh Peddler. 

How about this cute number?

If you said Spoiled Rotten, you're almost right. This was the home of Spoiled Rotten for quite some time. 

But they've just recently moved into their new space one building over from their former home. You'll have to stop by and see their new digs sometime soon. This is proof that Gardner Village is always moving, growing and evolving. 

This one is a bit easier to guess. 

The answer: The Bead Farm!

Now for a harder one. See the big building in the approximate center of this image? It was once the grain storage building for the mill. It's now the home of... 

...Pine Needles! 

Homes weren’t the only buildings donated. Can you believe an actual train station was also on the list of buildings that made the move. This sweet building is now the home of an even sweeter treat—chocolate! It’s the Chocolate Covered Wagon!

Yes, it was quite the process moving these beauties in, but well worth it. They make for an eclectic grouping of stores offering lots of personality and fun to any shopping experience. 

On the Wall
Want to know more about the various buildings on property? You’re in luck! Just about every building has a plaque outlining the history of the building. These quick and informative reads offer awesome stories to tell! 

A River Runs Through It
The waterway running down the center of The Village is almost like the heart of the land, as it works to connect everything together. It didn’t always look as charming as it does now, with its covered bridge and flower-lined banks. Nope. That was another detailed touch added as The Village came to be. 

As you can see from this arial view, The Village has grown a great deal in its 35 years. 
We can't wait to see where it goes from here. With plans for a hotel, a convention center, additional outdoor dining, and more, the next 35 years are sure to bring about many more exciting changes. And we can't wait to spend those years with you. 

Thanks for your patronage over the years. It's because of you we're able to celebrate our growth today. 

Megan Hoeppner


  1. Love hearing about the history of how Gardner Village became what it is today! I hope you will continue to blog more of history over the years! Love it!!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! We appreciate it.


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