Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy 100th Birthday Raggedy Ann!

I know, she doesn't look a day over six, but this sweet girl is actually a century old this year. What IS her secret? Well... she has many secrets to her magic, actually. First, did you know Raggedy Ann was created by Johnny Gruelle as a gift for his young daughter? What a wonderful act of love!

This adorable birthday cake was made by Holly Offret, the sweet shop owner and granddaughter of Lucile Georgell, the one who inspired the opening of this darling shop. 
Like the original Raggedy Ann, the giant Raggedy Ann on display in Georgell Doll Shop at Gardner Village is also handmade. Diane Peterson, the shop's owner, and Lucille Georgell, Diane's, made this impressive doll in 1988.

This floor-to-ceiling doll is on display for all to see right now (through Mother's Day) at Georgell's. Isn't she something?

I still have the Raggedy Ann doll (and her brother Andy) that my aunt made me as a young child, so I decided to take them and my own daughter for a visit to The Doll Shop to see this magical setting. I can assure you it doesn't disappoint. My daughter was delighted!

Wanting to carry on this special tradition, we even picked up a Raggedy Ann for my girl to take home and enjoy. Georgell's makes this option a nice one with a sale on the dolls and several adorable options to choose from!

Plus, everyone who comes in to Georgell Doll Shop to visit this Raggedy party gets to pick out a heart to take home--a special token that represents an old tradition. When the dolls were first introduced, they actually sewed candy hearts inside. This treat of a tradition no longer stands, but this bucket of happiness is a fun reminder of the way things once were. However, one thing that stands to this day is the fact that all Raggedy Ann dolls have an embroidered heart on their chest. <3

Win a 100th Anniversary Raggedy Ann!
Want to take home your own birthday girl? Now's your chance. Our friends at Georgell's are giving away a 100th Anniversary Raggedy Ann doll to one lucky blog winner. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post between now and Monday, April 13th for your chance to win.
Note: Must be 18 to enter.
Note: Raggedy Ann is the item being given away with this post. The rest of the items shown below are not included. Thanks!

Kids More Than Welcome!
My daughter just loves this shop. She runs right to it whenever we visit The Village. Of course, she was tickled with the 100-year celebration going on, but she also can't get enough of the Calico Critters toy display that the shop attendees so kindly let kiddos play with and enjoy.

She spent much time showing Grandma and Grandad her favorite toys!

So Many Options
Maybe your kiddos are more into the traditional, ahem... all-American dolls on the scene. While the brand name may not be for sale in this shop, there are MANY accessories for such dolls that will make her fans' hearts race with excitement!

And, of course, there are numerous beautiful 18" dolls to choose from in the store if you know someone wanting to get the complete package.

For the children less interested in dolls, you'll definitely want to check out the display just as you come in the door of Georgell's. With everything from space ships and rockets to robots and jumbo parachuters, there are excellent vintage-inspired toy choices for all!

Yes, from dear Raggedy Ann and cute Calico Critters to gorgeous 18" dolls (with ALL the accessories) and a wide assortment of vintage-inspired metal and wood toys (and SO much more!), Georgell's has something for everybody. And Raggedy Ann's super-sized birthday party is the perfect excuse for you to come in and see for yourself. This Village stop is welcome and warm, and you'll be happy you spent a little of your springtime inside enjoying all it has to offer.

And Our Winner Is...
Before we go, we have another lucky winner to announce. This time, we're awarding our Enchanted Fairy House Tour Giveaway at Georgell's. This tour for four is going home with...

"My two young cousins would love the Fairy House tour and so would their not so youngish cousin! Gardner Village is one of my favorite places to go, and now this fairy display gives me another reason to go there."--Elise Fader

Congratulations! You'll love this enchanting activity. Simply e-mail marketing@gardnervillage.com for details on claiming your prize.

Happy Birthday! 

Happy 100th anniversary, sweet Raggedy Ann! Here's to 100 more!

Megan Hoeppner


  1. I had a Raggedy Ann doll when I was a kid....I think I loved her to death and my mom ended up getting rid of it (so sad). This would be fun to win and bring back so many memories....one that I could give to my own daughters. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  2. How cute! I totally had a Raggedy Ann and Andy when I was little.

  3. I think Raggedy Ann is so cute! I would love to win her and let my little girl learn to love her as well!! :)

  4. Would love this for my little girl! I have a raggedy Anne and Andy dolls from when I was little. They were loved but still in decent shape!

  5. Awesome. . My granddaughter would love this special Raggedy Anne.

  6. I would love to add this doll to my collection! Oh, please choose me!!

  7. I have always loved Raggedy Ann and Andy since the first pair I had which were made for me by my sweet sweet grandmother. She hand stitched them in the last 1950s. She passed away in 1960 when I was five and Ann and Andy will forever remind me of her.

  8. My nursery was Raggedy Ann and Andy when I was a baby, still have a soft place in my heart for America's favorite rag doll.

  9. My nursery was Raggedy Ann and Andy when I was a baby, still have a soft place in my heart for America's favorite rag doll.

  10. I never had a Raggedy Ann doll myself but I think they are adorable! I might just have to break down and buy one.

  11. Loved that precious doll,she helped dry tears and frightened away monsters. Would love her back

  12. My grandma used to make these, how I wish I still had mine. Alas, my mother did not believe in keeping toys

  13. I love raggedy Ann and Andy
    But don't have them anymore they were destroyed by water in an earthquake I only have the mammy now my sister made and she is shuch a comfort to me.

    My mammy dolly says Raggedy Ann needs to come home and see her mammy
    Tried to post the pictures of my mammy dolly she really cute .I love her to death.
    Diane Haggart dhaggart1@juno.com
    Did post her on my FB

  14. I had a Raggedy Ann when I was little. I even dressed as her for Halloween one year! My daughter is 2, and I would love to give her the same cuddly doll that I had as a kid. If i remember right, my mother even had a Raggedy Ann doll! She just loves dolls, even will carry around a water bottle like a baby doll! My daughter is so sweet and loving! One of the best things about Raggedy Ann is that she hasn't changed over the years & is still soft and cuddly. Perfect for little girls to take along too bed with them!

  15. Is love to win this for my Aunt she has a Raggedy Ann room m. shes always giving me things that remind her of me and I think itd be fun to give her something. :)

  16. I remember my bedroom being decorated in Raggety Ann and Raggety Andy growing up! My mom loved them and also talked about her love for them growing up. She passed it to my sisters and I and I would love to pass it to my little girl now.

  17. Raggety Ann & Andy bring back very fond memories. My Grandma had 2 Sons and no daughters. She grew up in very poor times. I was her first Granddaughter. She collected dolls. She loved dolls. She fixed them and dressed them. She instilled in me to love dolls also. She gave me a Raggety Ann she had made. I only had 1 daughter and now she is grown and it is hers. My Son Andy is having his first child and our first grandchild. I would love to give him Raggety Andy or Raggety Ann for their baby that is coming in a few months. Thank You, Patti Ottoson.

    1. my email address for Patti Ottoson is pottoson@hotmail.com

  18. my email address is pottoson@hotmail.com

  19. I would love to win a doll for my little girl! I grew up with Raggety Ann as did my Mom and Grandma.

  20. I still have my raggedy ann blanket made for me by my mother and grandmother. I can't wait to pass it down to my daughter! A raggedy ann doll to match would make me so happy! 😍

  21. How cute! My mom made me a raggedy ann when I was little. I still have her!

  22. I love Raggedy Ann. When I was little my brother and I dressed as Raggedy Ann and Andy for Halloween. She is a sweet doll.

  23. Love that doll, I lost mine when I was six or so,someone stole it guess someone needed her a lot to take her...hope she helped whoever you are...


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