Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bitty Ballerinas & Dance Classes at Gardner Village (+ a $25 giveaway!)

Are you ready for cuteness overload? I must warn you that what you're about to see in this post tops the Cute charts.

I had the extreme pleasure of visiting the Classical Ballet Conservatory at Gardner Village, where I witnessed the sweetest bunch of dancers around!

The Classical what, now? Yes, it's true; Gardner Village is more than just shopping and dining. It also has its own ballet studio. And a beautiful studio, at that!

Mom & Me Class (18 months-3 years)
On Tuesday mornings, The Village dance studio comes to life with the youngest dancers on the block, who are there for the Mom & Me class (9:10-9:50).

The pretty moms and their sweet ballerinas were so much fun to watch in this class. In fact, I enjoyed seeing them in action so much that I'm working to register myself and my own little girl for this fun! At only $10 a class ($40/month), it's a very affordable way for us to do something special together.

With everything from dancing with ribbons to reaching for bubbles, the tiny tots in this class loved the activities and the music and moves to go along with them. It's such a wonderful way for young children to both connect with their mamas and enjoy physical activity.

Then there was the floor routine, where the kiddos hopped across dots on the floor, walked a balance beam, and climbed through a tunnel—great fun for all ages in the class.

The kids were literally jumping for joy. They had such a good time. I'd love to see my own baby girl having such fun on a Tuesday morning.

Meet Ms. Elisse
Elisse Shell, known as Ms. Elisse to her young students, is clearly the magic behind the joy. From tying shoes and pinning up hair to monkeying around on the bars with her young students, it's clear she loves what she does and the children love her.

But it's more than just fun and games. Elisse is a professionally-trained ballerina and choreographer with a MFA in Ballet. She's trained with some of the best dancers in the world, learning tactics along the way for teaching that she loves applying to her classes to make them educational and exciting.

Pre Ballet Classes (ages 3-4)
Just as the wee ones and their mothers were evacuating the dance floor, in walked a bunch of bitty ballerinas, ready for their pre ballet class, which included both tap and ballet training. While these young dancers are only three and four years old, they were so well trained and were even practicing a choreographed routine. All while smiling and enjoying the active time together.

As I said, off-the-charts cute!

Other Class Options
In addition to classes for the tiny dancers, there are classes for all ages, including adults. To see the complete list of classes and pricing, click here.

Birthday Parties
Even if you aren't able to commit to a complete ballet class, you can still bring the dance celebration into your birthday-party planning. The Classical Ballet Conservatory offers brilliant birthday packages that any young one would enjoy. For details on birthday party options, click here.

Your Chance to Dance
Whether you want to enroll in a class for yourself, one for your child, or one you and your child can take together, there's an option waiting for you at Classical Ballet Conservatory. And the professionally-trained staff will ensure you have a lovely time learning the dancing techniques of the trade. Stop into the studio the next time you're at The Village and see for yourself what a bright and happy atmosphere it is. You'll be putting those dancing shoes on in no time!

Win a $25 Gift Certificate
Want to give the Classical Ballet Conservatory a test drive? We have just the ticket—a $25 gift certificate that you can use towards any of the services/classes offered. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post between now and Monday, April 20. We'll announce our lucky dancer's name on next week's post.

And now, take your bow. This party is over.

Megan Hoeppner

P.S. We'd like to congratulate last week's Raggedy Ann 100th Anniversary doll winner.

"I still have my raggedy ann blanket made for me by my mother and grandmother. I can't wait to pass it down to my daughter! A raggedy ann doll to match would make me so happy!"--Kristal Timmerman

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  1. My daughter would love to give this studio a try!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I love to see these beautiful pictures! Kids can be the cutest this ever when they dance. My daugther and I would love to win!!!

    1. Congrats!! You win a $25 gift certificate to Classical Ballet Conservatory. Please email to claim your prize.

  4. A ballerina birthday party sounds like so much fun!

  5. My daughter is so shy but loves this class and has really opened up since starting just a month ago. Miss Marcie is amazing! She is in the 3-4 pre ballet class and loves it so much!

  6. My girls love Dancing at the ballet. It's fun to dance with Miss Elise's son as well. Emily Cottam

  7. Okay this post couldn't have come at a better time. I spent last week searching for a dance school for my 20 month old little girl! I had only found one in south Jordan that I am going to look at next week, but now that I read this post I'm so excited to hear you guys will have this program available! I'm going to come check you guys out too!!! 😊 Yay!

  8. Oh my word I would love to do this class with my little girl!!! What a great idea and class!!!

  9. That is cuteness overload! I want to sign up now!!!!! All of the classes sound amazing!

  10. My wife just called me to tell me about these classes and wow, I am equally impressed! She has been looking for a music and movement class for our daughter and this would be perfect! She was born early and at first they didn't know if she would make it, but she proved them wrong! Her movement is still monitored in physical therapy but dancing around the kitchen and living room and anywhere else is the house is her thing! I can only imagine how much they would both love this!

  11. My little girl is obsessed with dancing! We dance every day together and it's my favorite part of the day because of all the giggles and smiles I get! This class is adorable! My little just turned 18 months so perfect time for us to start!

  12. I want this for my niece! I had no idea classes like this existed! What a fun thing for mommies and their little babies! Way to go for having such an awesome opportunity for memories and fun!

  13. Wow! I go shopping here quite often with my family and for someone reason haven't ever noticed the ballet conservatory before! Thanks for highlighting it in this post and letting us know about the different classes. As with all the mamas above, this is definitely something I am interested in checking out for myself with my little one! <3

  14. These photos make me wish I had kids! They are so cute! Look at those girls and that boy! Even though I don't have kids, there is a family I would definitely love to gift the pass to.

  15. My sister, Jennifer Jarrett, definitely needs to win this!! Her little girl LOVES to dance! Jennifer sacrifices so much to give the best to her little girl. This would be such a fun activity for them both!

  16. This is adorable! My 2 year old would love it!

  17. My 6 yr old is in the Pre-Ballet class taught by Miss Marcie. She absolutely loves Mondays and looks forward to wearing her "bun" and dressing up in her leotard and tights.
    We had originally been looking for something in the West Jordan area and came across a KSL deal and decided to give it a try. We have been pleased with how happy it has made our daughter.
    I am not sure how Miss Marcie manages to keep about 8-9 girls between 5-6 yrs old not only entertained but on target and learning. We can't wait to see the recital :)
    ~Kim Flitton


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