Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hello, FREE Cake, & a Happy Birthday Celebration

Hello! And happy 2015 from your friends at Gardner Village. May this year bring with it happy memories, health, time doing what you love, and plenty of your favorite indulgences . . . such as succulent carrot cake from our very own Archibald’s Restaurant. 

Better yet, why not enjoy a FREE slice of carrot cake any time in this month? That’s right, with the purchase of any entree, a slice of birthday carrot cake is on the house. After all, what better way to throw a birthday party than with cake? And since Archibald’s celebrates its 25th year this month, carrot cake is most definitely in order. 

Where are my manners? I got so caught up in the free-cake concept that I failed to introduce myself. My name is Megan Hoeppner, and I’ve been a long-time friend of Gardner Village. I remember coming to these shops with my mother when I was just a girl, and now she and I enjoy visits with my own daughter.

Yes, this is a special place for so many reasons. And I can think of no better time to beat the winter blues than right now, while free and delicious cake is on the menu. Bring your mother, your sister, your daughter, or, heck, why not get the fellas in on the act and make a family affair out of it? You’ll be glad you did. 

While you’re visiting take a minute to really take in the scenery at Archibald’s, for this building is more than just an amazing place to pick up a plate of world famous Fried Green Tomatoes (yum!). 

Archibald’s is actually on the National Register of Historic Places. Originally a flour mill, you can find many historic artifacts on display throughout the restaurant. 

I recently went from a full-time, career-centered woman in the workforce to a work-from-home-mom, which means my family has to be a bit more selective with our spending (totally worth it but still an adjustment). I adore that we can dine out at Archibald’s without breaking our modest bank. I also love that we can take our young kiddo and not feel like the latest circus act to roll into town. They welcome us with open and accommodating arms.

See this plate of grapefruit? Funny story. I had a delicious salad with slices of grapefruit on it. They naturally caught my two-year-old’s eye, causing her to suddenly lose interest in her own tasty kids’ meal. The staff, catching on to this, brought my daughter her own plate of grapefruit, complete with cherries on the side (gobbled up before I had time to snap this picture). Now THAT’S service! 

I’m delighted to not only have this opportunity to connect with you (yay!) but to also wish Archibald’s a very happy 25th. You can now rent a car and enjoy lower car insurance. ;) Thanks for serving Utah so loyally for all these years. In a day when local delights are being consumed by chains, it’s nice to know you’re still here, serving delicious and unique cuisine. The free cake? Well, let’s just say it’s the icing on the . . . oh, never mind. 



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  2. Yay for Gardner Village and my dear friend Megan! Great post... now for some cake and grapefruit!

  3. Love Gardner Village and love you, Megan!

  4. This is great! it will be fun to follow you here Megan! (and those other places you haunt!)

  5. Because my birthdays in January and I belong to Archibald's birthday club, my friend Jody and I celebrated my birthday there. It was fun to celebrate Archibald's birthday as well with delicious and free carry cake.

  6. Looking forward to following this blog and you Kiddo! Many congrats!


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