Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Free Jewelry-Making Classes at Gardner Village

“Learn something new.”--A common New Year’s resolution. I know it’s one of mine. Whether you’ve resolved to increase your list of can-dos or simply want to come inside for some warm fun on these chilly winter days, we invite you out to Gardner Village this month, where classes are in full swing. 

I had the pleasure of visiting The Bead Farm this month, where I met two of the kind and sweet shop owners/instructors, Callie and Colleen, and learned to make a pretty bubble necklace. First, I got to pick my beads. This was my favorite part. There were so many beautiful options to choose from!

Next, it was time to position my beads in the order I wanted and get to stringing them. Yay! 

Yes, with sweet Callie was by my side, offering me help as I needed it and explaining what the different jewelry-making supplies and tools were all about, I was able to make a trendy bubble necklace for my daughter in no time. I’m so thrilled to think I made this myself! 

At The Bead Farm, you have two choices when it comes to class time. You can either sit down and create whatever design you’d like (what I did with my necklace), which is known as Table Time, or you can come for a structured class once a week (more details on each below). Either way, you leave with a finished piece of jewelry and new understanding of the jewelry-making process. 

So pick up the phone and give The Bead Farm a call today 801.938.1995. Their shop is so bright and colorful; it will add an instant burst of sunshine to these gray winter days. Plus, you’ll leave with both your own handmade jewelry and some new skills to be proud of. 

Megan Hoeppner

Who: Children of all ages are welcome! Those under age 12 are invited to string their own jewelry, but they’ll need help when it comes to using the tools and finishing their pieces. Adults are asked to supervise, and a staff member will also be part of the session.  

Cost: FREE
That’s right, Table Time costs you nothing more than the materials used to create your project. What a deal!

Schedule: Please call ahead to schedule your appointment. You can call the same day, but it is important to call first. Thank you!

Help: A staff member will be with you during Table Time, ready to offer friendly assistance and expertise. 

Classes are offered once a week throughout the year. For the latest on The Bead Farm class schedule, you can either sign up for their newsletter (simply click “Join My List” through their Facebook page at or you can give the store a call. 

Who: Ages 16+; No more than ten students per class. 

Cost: Free! Just the cost of the supplies for classes as well, which will vary depending on the class. 

Skill Level: All are welcome, whether you’ve been creating jewelry for years or have never strung a bead in your life. 

Supplies: No supplies are needed. The Bead Farm will provide everything you need to make your brilliant design. 

Bonus: Receive 10% off anything purchased at The Bead Farm on the night of your class! 

You can even schedule your next birthday party at The Bead Farm. Call the store for more information on their special party rates. 

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