Friday, August 1, 2014

Gardner Village: Three Generations of Memories

We're not a big box chain store. We're not an overcrowded food court. We're a place where memories are made. Gardner Village. Small Shops. Big Experiences. Located in the heart of the Salt Lake Valley.

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Townhome Locations - The Orwin Family Townhome and The Doermann Family House in Eagle Mountain, Utah.
Executive Produced by Marcia Johns (Gardner Village)
Written and Directed by Matt Schramer (Mazer Media)
Actors - Anne Forrester (Daughter), Denise Segura (Mother), Hadlee Winegar (Granddaughter) Crew - Ashley Morley, Andrew Hoyt, Kyle Kemp.
Music - "Night & Day Dreams" by Frederic Auger (Koka Media) on the album "Indie Accoustic Diaries" (Killertracks). "Little Run" by Claude Pelouse (Koka Media) on the album "Creative Soundtracks" (Killertracks)
Filmed by Matt Schramer (Mazer Media) on a Canon 5dmkii with a Konova slider and a Glidecam HD-4000. Edited by Matt Schramer (Mazer Media) using Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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