Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Gardner Village Welcomes Chocolate Covered Wagon!

In the three days since Chocolate Covered Wagon opened at Gardner Village, shoppers have experienced a "good old fashioned taste of Utah".

Famous for their sweet cream & butter, country caramel, they also have fresh fudge, hand-dipped strawberries, raspberries, chocolates & gourmet popcorns.


More than just a candy shop, it's an experience.

"We're not just selling candy, we're selling fun," said Cindy Robison, owner of Chocolate Covered Wagon. She says the secret to her one-of-a-kind candy recipe is to use only real ingredients, such as butter, heavy cream and real vanilla extract instead of imitation.

Who can resist watching an old-fashioned salt water taffy puller?! This week a field trip group of 30 elementary students watched in amazement as the taffy was prepared, put on the taffy puller and stretched until it became ready to hand wrap with their signature "rosette" wrapping technique.

Candy is given names unique to Utah, such as "Oh My Heck" chocolate dipped Rice Krispies bars, Brunco Brittle, White Water Rapids (their #1 best seller apple dipped in caramel, white chocolate and cinnamon sugar), Tumbleweed Toffee and Pioneer Peppermint salt water taffy. Don't leave the store without purchasing a chocolate dipped Twinkie!

While experiencing their goodies, make sure you take a look around their store to learn more about Utah and the early pioneers. Their small gift shop section is full of items unique to Utah and its history.


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With over 28 years in business, the Chocolate Covered Wagon has been featured on The Food Network, Travel Channel and on local television stations and newspapers. Because they ship their chocolate and candies worldwide, you can send a package to your loved ones outside of West Jordan and even Utah.

During the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, there was a Winter Olympic Pin created and crafted of their salt water taffy. It was chosen to be the # 13 most popular Olympic Pin for those Winter Olympics. 

Chocolate Covered Wagon was featured on Food Finds from The Food Network:

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