Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Memorial Weekend at Gardner Village

Memorial Weekend is almost here, and we're getting excited for our Memorial Weekend Sale!

Tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday from 10am to 8pm, and Monday from 10am to 6pm, our paths will be lined with bargains galore from all of our shops. Enjoy the beautiful weather by strolling our paths and finding deals from all of our local shops.

Remembering Archibald Gardner:

Photo courtesy Wikipedia

As we honor our loved ones this Memorial Weekend, we can also take a minute to honor those who've shaped our state's history. Here are a few fun facts about Archibald Gardner, the early Utah pioneer who built the flour mill where Archibald's Restaurant and Country Furniture & Gifts are housed.

  • Archibald was born at the Garrill Mill in Scotland. This had a large influence on his life, and led him to build over 36 mills during his lifetime.
  • Archibald's built his first mill, the Brooke Mill, in Canada.
  • One of the first successful irrigation canals in Utah was built by Archibald and his brother Robert in 1850. It was later enlarged by the North Jordan Canal Company and extended into what is now Taylorsville and West Valley City.
  • Near the end of his life when Archibald was asked what he felt was his biggest contribution to society, he said it was the building of irrigation canals.
  • For two years, Archibald held the Canadian record for long distance foot racing.
  • He built the first co-op store in West Jordan.
  • Archibald had 11 wives, 48 chilldren and 270 grandchildren. Each wife was provided a separate home. 
  • While "courting" his first wife, Margaret, Archibald walked 100 miles through the snow to see her. When he began his first mill, he sent for her and they married in Canada in 1839.
  • Archibald built the flour mill at Gardner Village in 1877. Today, the building is located on the National Register of Historic Places.
We invite you to visit and discover his 1877 creation here at Gardner Village.

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