Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Gardening Tips & Tricks

With the beautiful spring weather upon us, Careen, our decor manager, figured she'd give us a little in on some simple gardening tricks she's got up her sleeve. Here you go!

1. Can't figure out how to remove salt deposits from your clay pots? Mix equal parts of white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water. Spray this mixture on the pot and then give it a good scrub. When they're dry they should be good as new!

2. We all hate getting dirt under our fingers. If you don't enjoy wearing gloves, grab a bar of soap and run your fingernails across it so it seals the underside with soap. Then when you're done gardening, use a nailbrush to remove the soap under your nails. Not only will you not have gotten dirt under them, but they'll be sparkling clean!

3. Struggling how to figure out where you want to lay your plants? Grab a long-handled gardening tool and place a tape measure next to it. Use a permanent market and write the foot and inches marks on it. Then when you go to space plants, you've already got your measuring device with you!

4. If you need a way to protect your plants from sudden overnight frost and wind, grab a little clay pot and turn it upside and cover your plant.

5. I bet you didn't know that 'vegetable soup' was good for your plants. The next time you boil or steam vegetables, use the left-over water to feed your greenery!

6. The easiest (and quickest) way to dry herbs is to lay them on a sheet of newspaper in your car. Then roll up the windows and close the doors. Come back in a little while and they'll be dried to perfection! Plus your car might just smell amazing.

Adapted from Paul James, the host of Gardening by the Yard. 

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