Saturday, February 15, 2014

Easy-to-Make Valentine's Banner

In honor of Valentine's Day, we've put together this little craft that you can easily do at home. It's never too late to decorate with hearts, plus we think that there should be a little bit of Valentine's up all year round. Thanks to Pinterest, we've created this adorable and easy-to-create banner that just adds a little Valentine's spirit.

Here's what you'll need! 
-colored string
-burlap triangles
-patterned paper
-paper punch that punches out hearts
-glue gun
You can easily find these supplies at any of your local craft stores, or check out Pine Needles! 

Okay, so I was only able to get these triangles that were just a little too big, so by cutting them just the right size, I was able to get 4 little triangles out of each piece. Of course, you could totally skip this step and just buy small triangles.

Using your hole punch, punch out a bunch of hearts from your patterned paper. I had tons left over so I was able to make two banners and some other Valentine's crafts! Then you just pick and choose which hearts you want and super-glue them to your pieces of burlap. 

Once you've done that, you should have something like this.

Next, you're going to flip them over and put a thin line of glue on the top edge leaving a little bit of space above the string. Then you just fold over the edge of burlap over the string and you'll end up with this. (Be careful when folding the edge--the glue's still hot!)

After all the folding and gluing, you're done and you'll have something that looks like this! 

Ta-da! You're done! Hang this beauty anywhere you'd like; above your mantle, in front of your kitchen window, on your headboard--the possibilities are endless!

Happy Valentine's! 

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