Thursday, August 1, 2013

Knit Sew Create Coming Up!

Our friends at Kamille's Yarn Store shared some exciting classes coming up at Knit Sew Create this fall. We just had to share with you!

Which would you enjoy creating?


                Glitter Village

Make this no-sew village in your favorite holiday fabrics. Set the roof on top of each house for display. Village folds up flat for easy storage. 

 We will complete at least one in class and you will know all you need to complete an entire village. Houses range from 6 - 7" tall


Creepy and Cute

The only screaming you will be doing about this spider will be because it's soo cute! 

Learn how to create this beauty that can be worn as a necklace and a perfect accessory to your Halloween collection. 

 Are you planning for Christmas?  A beaded spider is a great gift for friends and family along with a copy of The Legend of the Christmas Spider.  With plenty of color options this creepy but cute spider is sure to excite all who see it.


Colorful braids have been created for centuries in cultures around the world for utilitarian uses, home and garment d├ęcor, rituals, and religious ceremonies. 

Learn to use a numbered disk and colorful textile fibers to make a patterned circular braid.

 Somewhat similar to boondoggling or friendship bracelets, this is a perfect technique for creating a color coordinating rope for special projects. 

Portable Creation Station

Using a simple TV tray you will create this fun & function Portable Creation Station to sit by your side as you sew.  

No more getting up to head over to the ironing board as you sew, with this creation you will just turn to your side, press and you're back to work.

 Pocket is perfect for holding your sewing essentials.

To Dye For

Have you always wanted to learn the art of dyeing yarn? 

In this AMAZING mini class you will learn the tips and tricks you need to hand paint and/or injection dye two of your very own skeins! 

 Do both skeins the same or mix it up your choice! You will paint the yarn during class and get your skeins back after they have been steamed.

The Perfect Present

Your little one will love these adorable, snugly and hug-able friends.

 A hand-knitted doll with hand-sewn clothes and accessories will be the perfect gift for this holiday season. 

What could be better than surprising your little one with a cuddly knitted friend? 

These hand-knitted dolls are designed to be dressed and played with and destined to become your child's favorite companion. Nobody can have too many hug-able friends!

Stay tuned for additional details about Knit Sew Create!

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