Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Early Days of Gardner Village

Join us in celebrating our state and country's history this month!

How much do you know about the history of Gardner Village?


Our flour mill was originally constructed by Archibald Gardner in 1877.

He was one of the early pioneers to cross the plains with the Mormon pioneers and the mill helped sustain life in the town.

Archibald left Utah in 1882, and the mill was eventually deserted.

Nancy Long  (right) purchased the old mill from Eula Crane. Eula lived in the house where Highlite Photography  is now.

This is the original advertisement Nancy Long, who first purchased the vacant old mill and property, put in the newspaper to gather more houses for Gardner Village.

Houses from all over Utah were loaded up and moved to Gardner Village!

Can you guess what shop now resides in this building?

This home was moved and now is the home to The Posh Peddler!

Want to enjoy exploring Gardner Village while learning more about its history?

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