Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kamille's Cancer Warrior

Kamille, owner of Kamille’s yarn and knitting shop at Gardner Village,
is supporting her husband as he battles what now has become Stage IV bone cancer.

He is 32 years old, a father to three kids, and the future holds more tests and surgeries.


On behalf of the Gardner Village 
family, please help one of our own!
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        Here's more of Kamille's story:

Hi My name is Kamille Bauer- I'm a wife, mom, .... and I love yarn! In November 2007 we opened Kamille’s-Where Friends Wind Up, the Specialty Yarn Store in Gardner Village.

December 12th 2011: After my husband of 10 years had his routine x-ray and CT scan, we were waiting for THE results at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital.

 (It's not a good sign if you are waiting for a really long time in a room you normally never go in, and the doctor asks his assistant for the entire box of tissues.)

Our lives stopped when they delivered the news...Chondra Sarcoma stage 2 {aka. sucky bone cancer} He had this same cancer over 11 years ago and it was now back worse than before. 

Now today...
I'm so lucky to have each day with him!  Even if some of those days are horrible. The last two weeks especially have been such an emotional roller coaster, I don't know how much more we can handle..... I'm so grateful for him and his will to survive.

-Your Friend Kamille, owner of 
Kamille's at Gardner Village

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