Friday, May 17, 2013

Shopping in Singapore

Bill, owner of Plum Dandy and The Posh Peddler, recently traveled to Singapore and came back with great stories!

Here's what he had to share:

At Plum Dandy and The Posh Peddler we actually go out and travel the world in search of new and exciting clothing, then we bring it back here to Gardner Village for you to enjoy.

This year we decided to try and look some place new... Singapore. A small country about half the size of the Salt Lake valley but packed with 5 1/2 million people.

The city itself is almost one giant 8 story mall and you can travel through the underground malls for several miles without ever walking above ground.

So much of what we found was either too expensive or built for people much smaller than here in the US. 

Some of our fun finds were Levi 501 jeans at 110 US dollars, dress shops that only had one dress in two colors for 1100 US dollars each.

One shop only had black clothes and most dresses sold for 1100 to 1800 dollars US.  

In many of the shops you had to wait in lines of a hundred or more for your turn to shop.

Makes you glad you have a place like
Gardner Village,
where we make it fun to shop!

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