Thursday, May 23, 2013

Celebrating 33 years of memories

This month we’re celebrating our 33rd birthday!

How much do you know about Gardner Village? Here’s a little bit of our history....

Our flour mill was originally constructed by Archibald Gardner in 1877.

He was one of the early pioneers to cross the plains with the Mormon pioneers and the mill helped sustain life in the town.

Archibald left Utah in 1882, and the mill was eventually deserted.

In 1979, Nancy Long bought the mill with
the intention of turning it into a house.

She purchased the mill when she learned it was going to be used for fire practice and burned to the ground.

Nancy decided to turn the mill into a furniture store because of her retail experience.

Gardner Village officially opened in 1980 when Nancy Long opened Country Furniture & Gifts inside the historic flour mill.

She envisioned shops opening around her furniture store to recreate a village.

She slowly began moving historie buildings to the Gardner property to make this dream a reality!

Since then, many great changes have been made!

The flour mill has since split into Archibald’s Restaurant and Country Furniture & Gifts.

Today, there are more than 22 shops that line the bricked pathways of Gardner Village.

We're grateful for all the hard work that has been done during our 33 years in business!

Here's to many more years of fun!

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