Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Making Your Bead Farm Creations

There are a ton of new beads at The Bead Farm at Gardner Village. 

Here's a little known fact, they have more than 2 MILLION beads! 

Think of all the possibilities! 

So many beads...so little time! 

Wouldn't these blue and white polkadot beads look darling on a bracelet? 

So cute! 

If you're running short on time, The Bead Farm has creations already completed for you! 

What do you think of this necklace? 


Aren't these little bird earrings so cute? 

Remember, you can schedule Table Time at The Bead Farm to design new jewelry! 

It's free as long as you buy all supplies from them. 

Call them to reserve your spot at 801.938.1995 

What do these colors remind you of? 

We are thinking of spring blossoms and sunshine. 

We love these beads assorted by color.

The colors change all the time to keep your creative juices flowing! 

Don't forget to sign up for the Knit, Sew, Create Workshop Weekend hosted by...

The Bead Farm, Pine Needles and Kamille's this weekend, April 25th through 27th. 

There are a bunch of workshops, giveaways, discounts and more. 

For more details, or to register, click here

How about we unleash your creativity with a GIVEAWAY

ENTER to WIN a $20 gift certificate to The Bead Farm when you tell us what you love about The Bead Farm! 

Our favorite answer wins the giveaway! 

We will announce the winner on Wednesday, April 24th. 

Congratulations Jessica Clawson! 

You won the $20 gift certificate to The Bead Farm.

Please email intern@gardnervillage.com within the next three days to claim your prize! 

Thank you for all your comments! Check back soon for more giveaways!


  1. Love the Bead Farm! The selection is wonderful! You can find just the beads you are looking for.

  2. Such and awesome selection and you can't beat the customer services there, they are so nice, and so full of life from the pictures posted, hahaha, love it...

  3. Love Gardner Village. The shops are awesome.

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  5. Love the bead farm the selection is amazing!!! I also love the amazing customer service!!! I would love to win to give my sister more beads to make her fabulous jewelry!!!

    Brittany Wilson

  6. I love the Bead Farm!! Between the fun classes every week to all the amazing beads. If they don't have something you want they do there best at trying to find it for you!!

  7. I love the Bead Farm for the selection of beads, helpful/knowledgeable employees, classes that teach me new techniques, ready made products for when I'm in a rush and cant make something, unique and useful gifts and ideas and (my favorite) table time. My mom loves the scarf decorations I make her, which of course I learned at one of the classes. My favorite class so far has been the chain mail, I have created zipper pulls, necklaces etc. I have been able to replicate the cute little girl bracelets Callie made for my baby, in all colors. People ask all the time where I got them, love sharing the secret I made them all for under $1 a piece.

  8. There are so many reasons I LOVE the Bead Farm, but the number one reason has to be the marvelous owners!!! Callie and Colleen are such lovely, sweet, kind and knowledgeable women! From my very first visit they were so helpful and welcoming! I honestly can say that they are my friends now! The time they take with every customer makes each feel special, I can't say that about many businesses these days! I thank God for blessing me with The Bead Farm and the special folks who own it and work there!

  9. How fun is this! I loooooove this store and I just can't get enough. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a gift. Love you guys!

    Angie Heberer

  10. The Bead Farm is so much fun. I just LOVE Callie and Colleen. They are the greatest and are always willing to help. I Love all the different beads and colors and that I am able to make my own jewelry, it is so much fun. Thank you Bead Farm, I need to come back and make some more watch bands, love you guys!

  11. The "Bead Farm" is a wonderful place to escape, I walk into my bead world when I go, you can just let your creative juices flow, with the vibrant color of beads, to the many shapes, sizes and textures to choose from you can turn your dreary world to a splash of color, if your creativeness is lacking you can turn to Callie & Colleen to help you through. I enjoy all my time at the "Bead Farm."

  12. My daughter was dying of cancer and I found a $5.00 off coupon on City Deals and thought it would be fun to do that with her. She didn't want to go the first time, so I took my granddaughter with me . We had soooo much fun. We laughed and had a blast with Callie and her mom, Colleen and Callie's husband. We told my daughter how much fun the class was so she decided to go. I couldn't keep her away from the store. Every time we went there she would say "Mom, I feel like I am in bead heaven". We took every class possible and did table time during the day. It helped all of us pass the time. It went so fast. Even when we couldn't go anymore because of her health, she was still sitting in the chair beading. She beaded up to the 3rd day before she passed and her sight had failed her. My granddaughter returned to Yuma, Arizona and has continued beading for people..PLUS my other granddaughters love doing it. It gives us something to do when we're together. Thank you Bead Farm for making a real hard situation so joyful with the memories we shared there. We love you guys!!!!!!

  13. My niece had her birthday party here last year and she and her friends had a blast!!! , The ladies there were so helpful and patient. The girls had a great time!!!!! Thanks, Melanie Rainford

  14. I love all the creative ideas I get from the amazing bead variety in your store :)


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