Tuesday, April 9, 2013

KSL's Studio 5: DIY with Pine Needles

Did you see Holly from Pine Needles at Gardner Village on KSL's Studio 5 today!? 

She wanted to share those tutorials with you on our blog today! 

Hey everyone! Here are some fun and easy projects to decorate your home for spring. 

  Up first a springtime mini bunting...

  • a variety of spring fabric scraps
  • 1 fat eighth of white wool/felt
  • 1 yard 3/4" pink ric rac
  • 2 - 7/8" yellow buttons
Note: We have used the Big Shot die cut machine and Sizzix Heart Layers die which is available at Pine Needles. If you do not have access to this we have pre-cut wool/felt shapes available for purchase. A template is also included at the end of this tutorial. 

Step 1. Using the Big Shot and your Heart Layers die cut out 7 wool/felt scalloped hearts. Using your rotary cutter remove the top of each heart just below the cleavage. Yes, I said it, cleavage :)

Step 2. Again using your big shot and die cut out 7 print hearts from a variety of spring fabrics. Using your rotary cutter again remove off the top of each heart.

Step 3. Sew print each print fabric to wool/felt piece.

Step 4. Beginning approximately 6" from end of ric rac, lay the ric rac on top of the first bunting piece and sew through the center of the ric rac.  Line up the next bunting piece so that the corner touches that of the previous bunting, and sew ric rac to the top of the 2nd bunting piece.  Continue until all of your bunting pieces are sewn in place.

Wah-lah! You are finished with our first project!

Now for our second project, a yo-yo topiary
30mm Clover Yo Yo maker
40-45 green fabric scraps
thread for making yo yo's
Fabri-Tac permanent adhesive
Styrofoam ball (mine measured 4" across or 12" around)
approx 35 pink buttons
metal or clay pot


Using green fabric scraps make 40 - 45 yo yo's
(this is a GREAT mindless project to do while watching your favorite movie or TV show!)

 STEP 2:
Using Fabri-Tac glue yo yo's around the mid line of the Styrofoam ball.
Continue gluing yo yo's above this row until the entire top of the ball is covered with yo yo's.
Glue assorted buttons in center of some of most of the yo yo's
Place a thick line of Fabri-Tac on Styrofoam ball below line of yo yo's and place in pot.Tie ribbon around pot. Put a pin through center of bow going into the Styrofoam ball to hold ribbon in place. ENJOY!

Thank you for watching KSL's Studio 5 today! Hope you enjoy the tutorials!
 - Holly at Pine Needles at Gardner Village.

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