Thursday, April 4, 2013

Just Us Girls

We popped in Just Us Girls at Gardner Village and saw so many delightful items!

Everything from trinkets to storybooks...


What would catch your eye if you dropped in today?


Maybe you've been looking for a little extra something to decorate your child's bedroom with?

These windchimes hung in the window would catch the light beautifully.

How about the simplistic charm of these pocket tokens? 

Do you still believe in fairies?

Make a beeline for this fairy magic'll definitely dazzle! 



Need a great bedtime story?


Try The Brave Cowboy or What Brothers do best.


Don't forget The Lonely Little Monster!


Once you see these tea sets...'ll be thinking about playing dress-up and having a tea party! 


You'll find just the right gift for the little girl in your life or the grown-up
who loves little-girl things.

Look for more fun items from Just Us Girls on their Pinterest board here.

Happy Pinning!



  1. LOVE The fairy, tea sets and the kids shoes! Shellie Thompson McGlone. Congrats to who ever wins the give away.

  2. Love the Petunia bags. I always wanted one but never splurged on one. I would love to tote one around now. :) It's adorable. It would be perfect for our upcoming trip to Disney Land.
    Sheri McCardell

  3. I'm always able to find some cute, uncommon gift for baby showers. Love to look for unusual gifts for my Grandchildren:)


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