Thursday, February 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Gardner Village Legacy

Can you imagine the
long hours and hard work
it took to change
this property
into the bustling, historic
destination Gardner Village
has become?  
 We are taking a trip down memory lane...
Back when Nancy Long first bought the Gardner Mill and surrounding property in 1979.

Country Furniture & Gifts

was the first shop Nancy opened

in May 1980.

This is a photo of Country Furniture's roof under construction in 1985. 
Nancy's dream of opening a restaurant in the old mill came true in 1990 with Archibald's Restaurant.
Here is the completion of the ramp leading to Archibald's Restaurant. 
The water wheel addition to the mill was completed in July 1999.



What a great way to celebrate the occasion with a ribbon cutting!

Many new additions and shops have opened since 1980 as Nancy, Chris Christensen, son Joe Long and a hard-working staff have worked to place more historic buildings on the Gardner Village property. 

Nancy's vision for Gardner Village continues to guide the new generation of owners, Nancy's son Joe Long and daughter Angie Seeley.


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