Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Taste Culinary Boutique: Dinner for Two

Looking for a fun way to impress your special someone
 in the spirit of St. Valentine's?

Laila, from Taste Culinary Boutique at Gardner Village, wants to help you with a romantic homemade dinner for two.

Let's explore some ideas to make this a night to remember!


Preparing the venue

The setting is just as important as the food...take the time to set the table with linens, folded napkins and your best flatware. Even if you don't drink, put out stemware for your water or cranberry juice. Lastly, add the touch of flowers and candles.

Floating candles and rose petals sprinkled around the table are also a nice touch. Don't forget to dim the lights and put on soft, romantic music.

Preparing the menu

Prosicutto wrapped figs

When deciding what to cook, be sure to choose ingredients known to boost dopamine or endorphin levels (classifed as an aphrodisiac). These include honey, oysters, chocolate, vanilla, eggs, figs and almonds.


Need menu ideas?

 How about a FREE class hosted by Taste this month?

Here are some of the classes:  

Mole Oaxaca with spanish rice and refried beans

On February 14th, Sharon Liapas will teach A Chocolate Dinner for All to Savor. During her honeymoon in Hawaii, she visited Steelgrass Farms where she discovered amazing chocolate recipes.
Get ready to taste these decadent chocolate cuisines! 

Thai shrimp bisque

Taste will also have Warming Winter Soups. You will sample Thai Shrimp Bisque and a hearty sausage, potato and rosemary soup.

Other classes this month include Italian comfort foods and more! Check out Taste's website for details!  

Want to WIN the FREE February class, a $35 value?

Tell us about your most memorable Valentine's Day!
 Our favorite answer will win entry into the February cooking class of their choice 
(does not include alcohol supplement).
Comment below!



  1. I put a nerf gun in my husband car so he would see it when he left for work. It said Howdy parter hope I have a shot at being your valetine. and then later when he got off work I said yeah be prepared I'm armed. When he walked in a got him with nerf darts. It was so fun!

  2. My first one with my now husband....dinner at Mona lisa fondue restaurant where we wrote love notes to each other that were sealed in a wine bottle for the future, to attending a dance together (he was in a boot since the doctor just took his cast off) then on to my house for hand dipped strawberries and truffles with some candlelight and romantic music....perfect night :)


  3. My husband and I went on our very first date the week after Valentines. It was a blind date set up by my roommate - his cousin. We went dancing and had a delicious home cooked meal complete with someone playing violin in the background. Very romantic! When it comes to a romantic meal - love is in the details!

  4. My most memorable Valentines night was when I was7 months pregnant and I cooked dinner and dessert homemade for when my husband got home from work. It was our last romantic date and one on one time before my baby was born!
    Amy Darton

  5. Love all of the stories so far!

  6. We're always trying to stay on a budget so we've rarely gone out on valentines day. I try to make it special for my Hubby and sons, so they become my valentines. We do dinner by candlelight, I spend time drawing with my son hearts and we have a fun time at home as a family!

  7. The year my husband surprised me with lobster and steak for dinner! We cooked together, talked and just enjoyed the evening! Our favorite moments are spent in our kitchen. And I love when we cook together, each of our ideas, trying new recipes, and coming up with our own!

  8. My most memorable Valentines Day was in 1971 when I married my High School sweetheart in a small country church I. Upstate NY surrounded by close friends and family. As a child my dream was to someday become a wife and mother and so on that day I was realizing my dream. Through all these years of laughter and tears I have never regretted marrying my best friend!

    1. Congratulations Kathy! Please email Laila at tasteslc@yahoo.com to claim your FREE cooking class!

  9. The most memorable was 2006 when a few days before, my husband proposed to me. I still rememeber that moment 6 years later

  10. My most memorable valentines is a few year ago, my husband gave me a beautiful diamond necklace first and only diamond necklace ever!.. daughter who is autistic took it.. she told us she flushed it down the toilet... months later we found it in her room at the bottom of her toybox... less learned.. never leave jewlery laying around. oh gosh. I had just set it down for a minute, and it was the most expensive thing anyone had ever bought me besides my wedding ring.. glad to have found it again. love my husband!

  11. My favorite was last year when I sent my boys and now fiance on a treasure hunt. It lead them to places special to us or even funny. Right after we met I lost my purse so he was telling me he would take me to DMV to replace licence and how ladies love dates to DMV so one of clues was at DMV. The last clue was at a burger king that he once left a note for call me note at in drive thru. It was so much fun might be doing it again.

  12. One of my favorites was last year. My husband came and took me out to lunch and with him were some chocolate covered strawberries which I had been craving for some time. Then that night he gave me a candle lit body massage. So romantic and great!

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  14. My favorite was last year when my then six year old made me a valentine.

  15. Dinner at the Rainbow room atop the Rockefeller bldg in NYC, we could see the empire State bldg lit up in red and white! sigh. but it was VERY cold that night, never experienced such cold!

  16. Two years ago my husband And I had just moved to a new city, were feeling a little homesick trying to adjust. We had the surprise of a lifetime during this adjustment.... Three days before valentines we found out we were having a baby after years of not being able to. On valentines my husband made a surprise lunch visit ewith a giant teddy bear that said my heart belongs to baby and the woman I love. That night he made dinner and we began the name debate ultimately making the decision on a game of skip bo. Valentines brought so much love and excitement to our lives that year!

  17. My husband and I met online running a website. One thing led to another and we started to date, problem being he lived 5500 miles away. So we dated "online" watching movies over the phone together, talking for hours , running up huge phone bills for a year. Then he took the plunge and flew all the way from England to Utah for 2 weeks. He flew back the day before 9/11 which changed everyones life forever, including ours. He decided then and there to buy my engagement ring and flew back 5 months later in 2002 having made all the plans from England. He took me to Tuscany where we had an amazing dinner and then the ring came on a plate and the tears began to fall. We were finally married in 2004 after taking almost 2 years of INS stuff to get him here.He is my life, my soulmate, and my best friend.



  18. Congratulations Kathy Stone! Your wedding on Valentine's Day to your high school sweetheart is a wonderful memory and you won a FREE cooking class at Taste Culinary Boutique. You can choose any class in February to attend, a $35 value, but this does not include an alcohol supplement. Please email Laila at tasteslc@yahoo.com to claim your FREE cooking class!

    Thank you for all your submissions, these are great memories to cherish!


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