Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Queen of Hearts event at Down to Earth

Gardner Village is bursting with energy this week because our Queen of Hearts event kicks off on Saturday, February 23rd at 5pm.

We know you'll LOVE this event.  

Jana at Down to Earth gave us the scoop about their plans for Queen of Hearts...

It's definitely going to be one of those great girls' nights with costumes, treats and giveaways!



Take a Trip to Wonderland


Everyone at Down to Earth is dressing up as a character from Alice in Wonderland. 

You'll see Alice, the Queen of Hearts and more! 


 Leave a Winner

You have a chance to win beautiful home decor items! 

Here are the giveaways: 


Down to Earth is giving away one of these white vases, your choice 
($9.95 value). 


You could win this Voluspa Eden & Pear candle tin (21.95 value). 



Isn't this aqua clock adorable? 

You could walk away with it on Saturday ($54.95 value)! 

This delightful jar has a chalkboard for labeling to make it cute and memorable.  

You could win one on Saturday ($26.95 value)!


Add a little zest to your home decor with this grass in a planter ($13.95 value). 


This owl vase adds a unique to charm to any home decor and could be yours at the Queen of Hearts event ($12.95 value).

Sweet Treats

And don't forget the food! The word on the street is Down to Earth will have candy and cupcakes. 

Now there's a SWEET evening!

Bring your friends, indulge, and let us pamper you at Gardner Village because YOU are the Queen of our Hearts. 

We LOVE you! 


  1. Can't wait for this weekend. We love Queen of Hearts

  2. Can't wait to come to DTE and see my favorite sales Rep, Lauren. She is always so helpful and really knows her stuff.

  3. omgoodness, the owls, the owls!!!


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