Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fashion Trends at Gardner Village

Our Triple Fashion Feature 

We're showcasing the best outfits, accessories and more from our friends at Vintage Chic, The Posh Peddler and Plum Dandy at Gardner Village.

What better way to show our love for you on Valentine's Day than
with our favorite styles and a GIVEAWAY?!



Vintage Chic

Let's start with Vintage Chic. Everything from the decor to the shoes are a fashionista's goldmine.

We couldn't believe their TOMS start at $29.99...that kind of pricing starts 
shoe rack stampedes!

There are also plenty of outfits for a casual day or elegant dresses for a formal evening.  


Make sure you look them up on Facebook, and scroll to the end of this post to participate in today's GIVEAWAY from Vintage Chic.  




The Posh Peddler



 It's definitely been too long since we strolled in The Posh Peddler because their inventory is complety new!

New jackets, cardigans, scarves, accessories and purses!

Have you seen their purse parlor!?

You could almost get lost looking at every purse they have on display. 

Remember to find them on Facebook... they are having a SCARF GIVEAWAY for their Facebook friends this month!


Plum Dandy


This shop is just dandy! 


Love their fur-lined jackets. So many scarves to choose from, not to mention accessories. 

You'll have to drop in to see it for yourself! 

We've also heard they LOVE their Facebook friends, too.


We want to hear from your inner fashionista 
for today's GIVEAWAY!

 Enter to Win a $15 Gift Certificate to Vintage Chic or this bubble necklace and matching earrings from Vintage Chic when you tell us about your fashion style. 

We will pick our two favorite answers as the WINNERS. 

Comment below!


  1. These stores are some of my favorites at Gardner Village! Winning today's giveaway would give me a great reason to come by on Saturday afternoon and do some shopping ;-)

  2. I love these shops. There are so many cute things to buy. I love love love the loose sheer tops at Vintage Chic. Oh and the fuzzy leggins... are AMAZING!

  3. So many wonderful things...were to start! Love it all!

  4. So many wonderful shops Love all the cute and unique stuff each store has

  5. My inner fashionista says Be yourself in Style: eclectic, original and stop following all the latest trends, Make your own. When you wear the fabrics that you love, Be classic and compliment me, your inner stylist wherein you will find your own happiness.

    1. Congrats Kellie Dickes! You won the $15 Gift certificate to Vintage Chic. Stop by their shop to pick up your gift certificate when you get a chance. Thanks!

  6. My fashion style is casual-and I pair toms with everything! I am not ashamed to admit I own 6 pairs... And I really want a 7th! ;)

  7. I love toms..... But I don't own any! But if I win I can't pass up getting some! This mom could use some new shoes! That's a killer price!

  8. My fashion style is very casual. I am always in skinny jeans with a cute flowy top and always pair it with boots or my Toms. I love putting cute bright scarfs with my tops to add lots of color.

  9. As a mom of 4 little kids I don't think I have the best fashion sense at the time. I'm doing well if I showered that day. ;) However, no matter what I am wearing I always have to pair it with a coordinating/fashionable diaper bag or purse. I can't admit to how many bags I own, but they seem to cover up my lack of stylish clothing.

  10. My fashion style is basic mom. In my mind I am totally put together, but in real life, it's not that exciting, nor coordinated.

  11. The best fashion is just being yourself. When you are comfortable inside your own skin you can make any outfit look great!

  12. Oh La La, I'd love to wear any of these hot items! I'm the basic Jeans, nike's and sweatshirt kinda mom. Chasing kids all over and running them to and from places. It would be fun to put on a cute outfit and take the hubby out for a hot steamy date night! :0) hehe.. I wanna look beautiful in my own skin and wear something "Stunning!" Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. gorgeous things! as a mommy of 3 young ones I am constantly shopping for them because they outgrow their clothes and shoes so fast! love the sparkly tom shoes for my girls!

  14. My Fashion Style? Dress the part! In the wee hours of the morning I play the Zumba role, so a pair of "stretchy pants" and a sassy top gets me rolling. In the afternoons, I hit the office, so something uber-classy-yet-sassy helps my personality shine through. On the weekends, mom-on-the-go-in-the-know! So I wear great jeans, some kickin boots and layered tops to keep warm in the winter! That' pink bauble necklace would fit in great with my work wardrobe!!!

    1. Congratulations Mel! You won the pink bubble necklace and earrings to go with your work wardrobe! Your jewelry will be waiting for you at Vintage Chic. Thank you!

  15. Love the necklace and there's so many more fun things!

  16. My fashion style as of late is mommy sloppy chic. ;)

  17. I love to keep it classy, work chic, and relaxed and fun on the weekends! :D

  18. Congratulations Kellie Dickes! You won the $15 Gift certificate to Vintage Chic. Stop by their shop to pick up your gift certificate when you get a chance.
    And Congrats to Mel! You won the pink bubble necklace and earrings to go with your work wardrobe! Your jewelry will be waiting for you at Vintage Chic.
    Thank you for all your comments, we'll have more giveaways soon. Stay classy fashionistas!

  19. YEAH!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! Thank you to my favorite little village and village people in the world!


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