Thursday, January 24, 2013

What to wear for the ideal family portrait

Kris from Highlite Photography at Gardner Village has given us advice on how to capture the ideal family portrait.

What to wear:

The best answer is to discuss this in a personal artist consultation
at Highlite Photography...

 But here's the short answer.

In a studio environment, you want clothing to be understated and secondary to the faces of the subjects. This usually translates into dark clothing with a dark
background or vice versa. Long sleeves always photograph better in the studio
and flatter the subject.

We. Love. Texture.

Anything from lace and leather to silk and denim, these textures will showcase a highlight with shadow to bring a sense of depth and richness to the piece.

Notice how the long sleeves and lace sweater add depth
to the photo and flatter the subjects?  


Finally, don't forget to accessorize!

Wear jewelry that has personal meaning, or add more visual interest with hats, scarves, vests, belts, etc. Just be sure to keep things in the same tonal range so no one thing distracts from those gorgeous faces.

See how her earrings add a personal touch without
distracting you from all those smiling faces?

Now, who is ready to spice up their living room with a timeless black and white portraiture that will match any home decor and outlast changing trends?

Highlite Photography's Hugs and Kisses event and is going on now through February 14th and focuses on portraits saturated with personality and emotion, a memorable Valentine's Day gift!

 To sweeten the deal, we are offering a FREE pound of fudge from Sweet Afton's to the first two people who mention this blog post when they call to book a Hugs and Kisses session!

Can't wait to hear from you at Highlite Photography: 801.569.1749.


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