Monday, January 7, 2013

Village Quilt Shop: 5 Steps to making a fabulous bed

5 Steps to a Making a Fabulous Bed with Comfy Quilts and Pillows

Does your bedroom need a little makeover? Rochelle, assistant manager from the Village Quilt Shop at Gardner Village, shares 5 steps to help freshen up your space!

Step 1: Decide your color palette. We used a neutral quilt with a fun print.

Step 2: Choose European shams to go on the bed behind your matching quilt shams.
This is where you can have fun adding a pop of color!

Step 3: Add throw pillows. Throw pillows are to beds what jewelry is to an adorable outfit!
They will tie your color scheme together. Go for varied colors, shapes and sizes.

Step 4: The final touch! Add your secondary color with a beautiful throw or smaller quilt at the
end of the bed. It's also functional on those chillier nights! We used our pop of yellow to tie in
the pillows. Love it!

Step 5: ENJOY! We're all so much happier climbing into a fabulous bed at the end of a long day.
You deserve it! 

If you need any help putting together your dream bedding, come visit us at The Village Quilt
Shop at Gardner Village.

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