Friday, January 25, 2013

Giveaway Photo Friday: Archibald's Carrot Cake

Boy, what a week!

The freezing rain turned Utah into an ice skating rink! 

After this crazy week, who is ready to treat themselves to a FREE slice of carrot cake at Archibald's Restaurant with any entree purchase through January 2013?

But, it gets better.

We're having a GIVEAWAY for Photo Friday!

If there was only one slice of carrot cake left, but you and your friend
 wanted it, how would you convince your server to give it to you? 

Our favorite answer WINS $5 in Archie's bucks and a FREE slice of carrot cake at Archibald's Restaurant at Gardner Village!

Comment below!


  1. My Husband and I Play rock paper scissors all the time and he manages to loose every time so it isn't his favorite game! :( So I'd challenge the Server to play, that way she's playing for him and if she wins he gets it! :)

  2. I'd challenge them to a singing contest and the worst singer wins... therefore, I'd win hands down.

  3. Duh, i would tell him that I am leaving the tip today, so if he wants a good gratuity, hand over be cake and no one gets hurt.

  4. I would tell them that i am pregnant, so really its like sharing it with two people instead of just one.

  5. I wouldn't. I would tell the server that my very best friend deserves the last piece and then my friend would give it to me for the nice gesture.

  6. I would wow my server by doing a sweet little song and dance. I took 6 months of clogging when I was a kid and I'm pretty sure the sweet moves I learned back then would come back to me in a flash.

    1. Congratulations Jullee! you won the $5 in Archie's Bucks and FREE slice of carrot cake. Your prize will be waiting for you at the front desk at Archibald's Restaurant!


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