Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Evolution of a Dream at Gardner Village

The ideal place for dreamers...
Jacqueline Shewell is the current owner of Sweet Afton's.

Anne Hansen, original owner of Sweet Afton's, faced long hours and hard work to fulfill her dream as a shop owner at Gardner Village.

Here's her story. 

 Isn't it funny that when you think about fulfilling a lifelong dream, you pretty much focus on what's important to you, and you don't really think about how your dream may be...

...just a piece of a puzzle that is someone else's dream?

It became very clear to me, soon after I began my adventure at Sweet Afton's, that
I wasn't the only one dancing in dreamland.

Ribbon cutting at Sweet Afton's.

As I looked around me, with eyes wide open, I could see that I was surrounded by dreamers. Of course, the one with the grandest fantasy was Nancy Long.

Nancy Long's vision fulfilled.

Original creator and founder of Gardner Historic Village, Nancy was no stranger to hard work, creative financing and tough love. When she had an idea...just don't stand in her way, or tell her it cannot be done. Nancy was a mentor to all of us "beginners."

She was full of ideas, advice and energy. 

Early picture of Sweet Afton's.
But Nancy was also great with letting us find our own way, making our own mistakes and growing from our own experiences. Along with Nancy, there were many others who were putting their hearts on the line.

We learned from each other, that each one of our shops was unique with different possibilities and challenges. We gave each other pep talks and spent many hours discussing the pros and cons of Village life. But, we did have fun together, and we became great friends.

Gardner Village is the ideal place for dreamers; whether you are just dreaming of a quiet afternoon by yourself, wandering down the quaint brick paths, or shopping to fill your dream home with picture perfect home decor.

I know Gardner Village and Sweet Afton's was my dream
come true for a good twenty years. Now that dream has been passed to the current owner of Sweet Afton's, Jackie Shewell.

What's your dream? Go out and get it!

- Anne


  1. Thanks for letting me tell my story. I'll be down soon, to see my friends, shop for my home, and of course, get a treat at Sweet Afton's.

  2. Anne has passed on an amazing legacy to my husband and I! We will forever be grateful to her for trusting us enough to pass Sweet Afton's on to us! Thanks Anne!


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