Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to Make Money on Your Blog

Gardner Village is pleased to endorse the Build Your Blog Conference on February 16th at the Miller Professional Development Center in Sandy, Utah.  

Learn from keynote speakers to build a successful blog, and make money in the process! Participants will also discover how to write and publish e-books, engage in SEO marketing easily and get the most from Pinterest. Register here.

Sponsored by Six Sisters' Stuff, this conference will host speakers with successful social media backgrounds for you to gain key insights into building your blog successfully.

Six Sisters' Stuff started as a way for the six sisters to stay in touch over vast distances. They soon realized their blog could be more... One year later, their blog transformed from "hundreds of hits per day to HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of hits per day."  

Learn how to make your blog a smashing success at this conference!  



 Keynote speaker: Brooke Walker

Brooke is the co-host of Studio 5, a lifestyle TV show that features bloggers everyday. Born and raised in Utah, Brooke is active in her community and works with many charitable organizations like the Children's Medical Center. Brooke loves finding inspiration from other people's life experiences and enjoys sharing those stories with her viewers.  

Nat and Holly started their blog, My Sister's Suitcase, to stay in touch while living 462 miles apart. They created a fun and inventive blog including DIY and home decor projects, kids' activities and more. Both will discuss their journey to building a
successful blog.  

Kari Sweeten owns Ucreate, a blog that inspires others to create. Her blog features thousands of DIY and craft projects for her readers to peruse. Her past experience working with Michael's Craft Stores, Martha Stewart and Sherwin Williams have contributed to the blog's unique niche. Becky Vandenberg and Danielle Hansen also regularly contribute to the Ucreate blog. They will speak about their experiences at the Build Your Blog Conference.

Sign up for the Build Your Blog Conference here. Registration is $149 and will begin at 9am on February 16th at the Miller Professional Development Center in Sandy, Utah. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Evolution of a Dream at Gardner Village

The ideal place for dreamers...
Jacqueline Shewell is the current owner of Sweet Afton's.

Anne Hansen, original owner of Sweet Afton's, faced long hours and hard work to fulfill her dream as a shop owner at Gardner Village.

Here's her story. 

 Isn't it funny that when you think about fulfilling a lifelong dream, you pretty much focus on what's important to you, and you don't really think about how your dream may be...

...just a piece of a puzzle that is someone else's dream?

It became very clear to me, soon after I began my adventure at Sweet Afton's, that
I wasn't the only one dancing in dreamland.

Ribbon cutting at Sweet Afton's.

As I looked around me, with eyes wide open, I could see that I was surrounded by dreamers. Of course, the one with the grandest fantasy was Nancy Long.

Nancy Long's vision fulfilled.

Original creator and founder of Gardner Historic Village, Nancy was no stranger to hard work, creative financing and tough love. When she had an idea...just don't stand in her way, or tell her it cannot be done. Nancy was a mentor to all of us "beginners."

She was full of ideas, advice and energy. 

Early picture of Sweet Afton's.
But Nancy was also great with letting us find our own way, making our own mistakes and growing from our own experiences. Along with Nancy, there were many others who were putting their hearts on the line.

We learned from each other, that each one of our shops was unique with different possibilities and challenges. We gave each other pep talks and spent many hours discussing the pros and cons of Village life. But, we did have fun together, and we became great friends.

Gardner Village is the ideal place for dreamers; whether you are just dreaming of a quiet afternoon by yourself, wandering down the quaint brick paths, or shopping to fill your dream home with picture perfect home decor.

I know Gardner Village and Sweet Afton's was my dream
come true for a good twenty years. Now that dream has been passed to the current owner of Sweet Afton's, Jackie Shewell.

What's your dream? Go out and get it!

- Anne

Friday, January 25, 2013

Giveaway Photo Friday: Archibald's Carrot Cake

Boy, what a week!

The freezing rain turned Utah into an ice skating rink! 

After this crazy week, who is ready to treat themselves to a FREE slice of carrot cake at Archibald's Restaurant with any entree purchase through January 2013?

But, it gets better.

We're having a GIVEAWAY for Photo Friday!

If there was only one slice of carrot cake left, but you and your friend
 wanted it, how would you convince your server to give it to you? 

Our favorite answer WINS $5 in Archie's bucks and a FREE slice of carrot cake at Archibald's Restaurant at Gardner Village!

Comment below!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

What to wear for the ideal family portrait

Kris from Highlite Photography at Gardner Village has given us advice on how to capture the ideal family portrait.

What to wear:

The best answer is to discuss this in a personal artist consultation
at Highlite Photography...

 But here's the short answer.

In a studio environment, you want clothing to be understated and secondary to the faces of the subjects. This usually translates into dark clothing with a dark
background or vice versa. Long sleeves always photograph better in the studio
and flatter the subject.

We. Love. Texture.

Anything from lace and leather to silk and denim, these textures will showcase a highlight with shadow to bring a sense of depth and richness to the piece.

Notice how the long sleeves and lace sweater add depth
to the photo and flatter the subjects?  


Finally, don't forget to accessorize!

Wear jewelry that has personal meaning, or add more visual interest with hats, scarves, vests, belts, etc. Just be sure to keep things in the same tonal range so no one thing distracts from those gorgeous faces.

See how her earrings add a personal touch without
distracting you from all those smiling faces?

Now, who is ready to spice up their living room with a timeless black and white portraiture that will match any home decor and outlast changing trends?

Highlite Photography's Hugs and Kisses event and is going on now through February 14th and focuses on portraits saturated with personality and emotion, a memorable Valentine's Day gift!

 To sweeten the deal, we are offering a FREE pound of fudge from Sweet Afton's to the first two people who mention this blog post when they call to book a Hugs and Kisses session!

Can't wait to hear from you at Highlite Photography: 801.569.1749.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Village Quilt Shop: How to decorate for less

Rochelle, assistant manager of the Village Quilt Shop at Gardner Village, tells us how to add a new look to your bedroom and get the most bang for your buck! 

Hello all!!

A great way to add a splash of color and freshen up your bedroom is by changing the bedding. At the Quilt Shop, we have a variety of quilts that can be used in many different ways! 

Step 1: 

Choose a neutral quilt that has a fun print, like this
beautiful charcoal gray damask quilt. 

Step 2:

See how we can make this quilt work in a variety of colors?

Here's the quilt paired with a fun pop of red.


You can add almost any color you love!  

Step 3:

How about using yellow?

Use your imagination and pair this neutral quilt with anything! And as you desire a change throughout the years, you can easily replace your pop of color with a new one.

Presto, more bang for your buck!

Don't forget, this month we have throws starting at $21.99 at the Village Quilt Shop. Get ready for spring and freshen up your decor with these fabulous prints!

Looking forward to seeing you at the Village Quilt Shop at Gardner Village!


Friday, January 18, 2013

Photo Friday: Aunt Elsie's

A stroll around Gardner Village...

We popped into Aunt Elsie's for a look around and had to snap some photos of their charming displays!

To top it all off, almost everything white in the shop is
on sale for their WINTER WHITE SALE EVENT (including this adorable ivory table and chairs set now $493 marked down from $616).

Who doesn't love a sale?! Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Trendy Beanies and Hand Knits by Kamille's

For your knitting inspiration...

My name is Kamille Bauer, and I am the yarnaholic who owns Kamille's at Gardner Village.

I've been on the look out for you to find some great, trendy and to-die-for inspiration to get your needles going or to inspire you to knit!

Beanies and hand knits are one of the hottest trends now.

Taylor Swift is so darling, don't you think?

Love the color on her slouchy cabled beanie, don't you?
 You can download a pattern similar here.

Kristen Bell...darling...and I LOVE this chunky beanie!!

We can't forget about the men...

Want a great men's beanie pattern? Check out here.

Jude Law looks good in anything don't you think? Oh baby he makes that beanie look good. He stars in one of my ALL time favorite movies...

 The Holiday...

Have you seen it?! If you haven't, it's now your homework to see this movie.

Oh Lenny! You are so hot! The closer I look at this beanie, the more I see it as a fun crocheted one. I found a great pattern for a crocheted men's pattern here.

I like this wide, chunky-cabled scarf, do you? I would definitely pick a different color though.

Hold your ponies, I did find... this one.

Wouldn't this be so stinkin' cute for your wardrobe this winter?! Or what about a perfect gift for someone extra special in your life? Don't you love it? I knew you would!

We also sell these AMAZING pattern booklets at the shop that have tons of great beanie patterns.

If you don't have HAVE TO get them!!! They have the cutest patterns!! don't knit you say?

The first five people to comment on this post get a FREE class at Kamille's (a $30 value)!

Talk to you again soon!

Your friend, Kamille
Owner, Kamille's at Gardner Village