Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kamille's Story

Hi My name is Kamille Bauer-I'm a wife, mom,.... and a yarn whore!  Five years ago I was put on yarn probation by my husband ….

That's when the wheels started turning and in November 2007 we opened Kamille’s-Where Friends Wind Up, the Specialty Yarn Store in Gardner Village.

Since then I have been fortunate enough to teach people my passion: KNITTING! 

Knitting saves lives...literally

(I heard of a lady who fell while holding her knitting needles and while treating the puncture wound they found and removed breast cancer)

While teaching I have witnessed the magic of knitting! It brings peoples' lives peace, comfort, and friendship when there could have been sorrow, heartache, and loneliness. Knitting can heal the soul-one stitch at a time, I've witnessed that so many times in peoples lives.  Little did I know I would soon be the one that would need saving....

             My Dream Boat Love Machine Husband-Clint 

The WORST day of our lives

December 12th 2011: After my husband of 10 years had his routine x-ray and subsequent CT scan, we were awaiting for THE results at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital. (It's not a good sign if you are waiting for a really long time in a room you normally never go in, and the doctor asks his assistant for the entire box of tissues.)

 Needless to say our lives stopped when they delivered the news...Chondra Sarcoma stage 2 {aka. sucky bone cancer} He had this same cancer over 11 years ago and the statistics of it coming back after this long....wait there are no statistics... it NEVER happens.  We found out it was back worse than before. 

You can read more about his cancer story here. But after two major surgeries much to our disappointment......the cancer keeps growing back...

How can you have a good attitude when life seems horrible? I stumbled across this quote and just loved it!

 Are you having a hard time in your life right now? If you are, I'm so sorry. It's the hard times in life that force you to look at your life in a different perspective. Being forced to look at your life from a different angle is in a strange way a gift.  It seems crazy to think of it like tha. I know. But I've never seen so much love, support and humanity since Clint's been sick. I feel we've been given a gift that not many will be able to receive.  

I'm so grateful for knitting! It has soothed my soul and 'knit' friendships that have helped me get through my days.  Are you in need of some comfort and joy too? Then come wind up at Kamille's and meet friends who knit or learn to knit yourself! You can see all the fun things happening on Our Blog or our class cchedule on our Website

Happy Knitting and Happy Holidays! 

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  1. Kamille is such an inspiration and such a joy to be around!


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