Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Home Decor Tips from Upon the Shelf

These are some of our favorite things that we have collected over the years from Upon the Shelf. We believe in filling our homes with the things that we love and adding  new favorites each year.

Don't be afraid to steal your husband's black church belt and glue it around a glass jar filled with red ornaments to create Santa .

Who says lanterns are just for hanging? Think about squishing one into your tree!

And, forget the mess... just buy a gingerbread house from us that you can use year after year, P.S. it even lights up!  

Fill your home with light...candles, lighted branches, and light strands will create warmth in your home.

Merry Christmas!

-from Vickie at Upon the Shelf

Buy what's on the shelf, and the shelf itself at Upon the Shelf at Gardner Village in West Jordan, Utah just outside Salt Lake City. Choose from home accessories or order a shelf custom-made to your dimensions and color preferences: sleek cherry wood, distressed black, a rough-textured European look, antique green or embossed metal. Then, let the owners help you fill your shelves with groupings of decor.


  1. Yes, it looks very elegant. Hey fellas! how many and what types decorative accessories I should use to produce the 'exact' ambiance.


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