Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gardner Village Elf Displays: Behind-the-Scenes

Gardner Village has put up their iconc elf displays for years now. But Santa's little helpers don't get set up all on their own! Careen Densley, the Village decor manager and self-proclaimed "elf mama," has been dressing, fixing and coordinating the Gardner Village elf displays for over 8 years.

Careen starts weeks in advance of their debut to get the elves ready for their holiday debut. She goes to Deseret Industries much of the time to find the elves' outfits or even makes some of them herself. She fixes the elves who might have broken a bone or two while they listen to Christmas music. The more than 70 elves are up around the Village from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve.

Some of the elves might be sweet, and others mischevious, as they hide and play around the Village helping Santa get ready for Christmas. Kids can come and look for the pointy-eared charmers with the elf scavenger hunt and get a treat from Naborhood Bakery.

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