Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shop Spotlight: Naborhood Bakery

Naborhood Bakery at Gardner Village
Come hungry to this press-your-nose-against-the window bakery. Sit down in Naborhood Bakery's charming eatery and dive into a handmade pot pie with chunks of chicken and veggies…think of your mom’s chicken soup wrapped into a pie crust that melts in your mouth. Or enjoy a chicken salad sandwich between a flaky croissant roll at a picnic table outside at Naborhood Bakery at Gardner Village in West Jordan, Utah just outside Salt Lake City.

Order as many treats as you can carry: fresh apple and cherry turnovers, mini ├ęclairs, a baklava pastry with nuts and pecans (like a miniature pecan pie), sugar cookies frosted in fun seasonal colors and shapes, snickerdoodles, macaroons and all your favorite cookies. Try the 7-layer meltaways, chewy brownies and a wonderful selection of bar cookies.

Take home a loaf of the world’s best cinnamon bread, or pick up a package of Naborhood Bakery's famous frozen roll dough--butterflake, parkerhouse, and our show-stopping orange butterflake rolls. They’ll fill your home with the sweet, yeasty scent of bakery breads.

Naborhood Bakery at Gardner Village
West Jordan, Utah
Phone - 801.566.8808
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