Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shop Spotlight: Upon the Shelf

Upon the Shelf at Gardner Village

Buy what's on the shelf, and the shelf itself at Upon the Shelf at Gardner Village in West Jordan, Utah just outside Salt Lake City. Choose from home accessories or order a shelf custom-made to your dimensions and color preferences: sleek cherry wood, distressed black, a rough-textured European look, antique green or embossed metal. Now, let the owners help you fill your shelves with groupings of decor. 

First, find an item you love, like a pair of ornate candlesticks. Next, add something soft like a fabric throw, then something tall like a floral arrangement. Balance it out with something short, like a metal tray. Put it all together and watch this shelf arrangement dress-up your home. Choose a wreath or one in a cluster of weathered tin pots hanging from the open rafters above the register. This shop holds any shelf imaginable. Hutch drawers are pulled open and filled with picture frames, clocks, antique wrought iron fixtures and accessories to dress-up any wall space.

Those who are on Upon the Shelf's mailing list are invited to an open house they host four times a year. We offer a discount on the newest merchandise for the season along with refreshments and a small gift of our appreciation. Stroll into our "home" the next time you are in the Village, sign our mailing list, and check with Vickie for the date of the next open house.

Upon the Shelf at Gardner Village
West Jordan, Utah
Phone - 801.256.9955
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